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'Blood of Thousands on Their Hands': 55 Senators Vote To Continue US-Backed Carnage in Yemen


'Blood of Thousands on Their Hands': 55 Senators Vote To Continue US-Backed Carnage in Yemen

Jon Queally, staff writer

While 44 U.S. Senators on Tuesday were applauded by peace groups for voting in favor of a resolution that would have allowed Congress to begin reclaiming its war-making authority and ended the U.S. military's backing of Saudi Arabia's assault on Yemen, it was ultimately not enough to overcome entrenched opposition from the 45 Republicans and 10 Democrats who voted against it.


I am numbed by negativity and shame…


Blood soaked hands indeed.


Reed and Whitehouse were the designated D-Party enablers for this vote.

Vote Democrat–vote endless war. It’s that simple.


Yep, I was going to say as much. It like the Democrats have divvied up each sector amongst themselves, thus ensuring they can have it both ways, that being pretend they anti-war even as the Money rolls in from the Arms merchants.

Quite frankly, that sort of two faced behaviour is sleazy to the extreme.


I don’t think they get it, We don’t want a war of any kind.


The war companies that throw their money at our elected officials don’t seem to understand that a country is like a bird with one wing of the bird representing capitalism and the wing representing socialism. In order for the bird to fly efficiently, the two wings must be in balance. Presently we are completely out of balance which will cause numerous problems for our country.


What the fuck is the purpose of Manchin, not just Manchin the politician, but Manchin the human being? Piece of shit, and screw the rest of them.


I am so ashamed at all of the dems who voted against this . Especially Nelson of fl. Just another lying greedy dog!


I don’t think you get it. They don’t care what we want.


Please note that Doug Jones, who was recently elected to the Senate from Alabama with the help of progressives, is a reliable vote for the Republicans.

The only way that we can break the stranglehold that corporatists have on our government is to refuse to vote for any candidate who is not fully progressive, because once these corporatist Dems get in office, there is little chance of getting rid of them; the Dem Party puts its full strength behind keeping these faux Dems in office.


We simply must find the fortitude (guts) to vote something other than these two corporate owned, pro-war, pro-Israel, cowardly political parties that own and operate Washington DC. Vote for your State and local choices but don’t vote federal choices unless Peace is involved, Wall Street Regulation is involved, and new green industry is involved. Throw the bums out. Drain the swamp. Yankees go home!!!


And an absolute Big Zero from Dem leadership

Like you say, staged opposition


Sorry but the blood is not just on their hands it is on our hands. We live in a democracy and it is our responsibility to vote out of office all of the people who don’t represent us. If they want to represent the military industrial complex, let the military industrial complex vote for them.The November election is coming,and we must remove those who make poor decisions and replace them with people who will make responsible decisions that represent honesty, decency, fairness, and a good foreign policy. We need to support candidates who will represent ordinary working people, not just the corporations and big money. Most of all we need to get rid of Donald Trump and all his scum bag supporters.


As long as that bird can line it’s pockets with money, they could care less.


I agree with most of you’re post, but until we get rid of hackable voting machines, we will see the same results.


EVERY goddamn time a horrible vote goes through like this, and the Democrats enabling it are listed, that bastard Manchin, “my” Senator, is always on the list. PAULA SWEARINGEN! But the reality is that it doesn’t matter what policies are endorsed by someone challenging an entrenched politician like Manchin–he holds all the cards.


While Manchin is a deplorable son of a bitch, the truth is that most of his constituency back in wild wonderful West Virginia have no idea where Yemen is, let alone what’s going on there.
As for this vote? Well, if you ever had any question about who really runs the nation there should no longer be any. The military industrial complex has been pulling the strings since WWII. They will contiune to until the next American Revolution. And by then it won’t matter, as large patches of the earth will be uninhabitable and no one will care about the collapse of mankinds last great empire.


I’m kind of surprised the Sheldon Whitehouse did not vote for the resolution. I don’t know what the arguments were for to vote against it. Whatever they were it was apparently enough for Whitehouse and nine other Democrats. The big positive was that Congress actually took a vote. Now the voters can hold members accountable for their votes. Trump’s decision to side with Saudi Arab seems incredibly stupid. The US should act neutral when it comes to Saudi Arabia versus Iran. Why should the US take the side of the Sunnis in a conflict with Shiites? The US needs an intelligent policy in the Middle East. But it looks like that will not happen until 2021 at the earliest.


The zionists who control the U.S. want chaos in the Middle East. Balkanization is the goal.