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Blood on His Hands: The Nursing Home Covid-19 Crisis is Donald Trump’s Fault

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/01/blood-his-hands-nursing-home-covid-19-crisis-donald-trumps-fault


Nursing homes have a long history of insufficient infection control but with this pandemic it became lethal on a much larger scale. Seema Verma just relaxed standards during this pandemic from the already deficient level. This is a text book example of how infections in nursing facilities and hospitals affect community infection.

There are other problems if you read the history of what happened in Washington State that resulted in so many deaths.


The feckless orange conman is always only looking out for him$elf. The GOP will give their best effort to suppress the vote. Eligible voters in the battleground states better not blow it again. Who actually believes the corpDems would do a worse job handling any aspect of the Covid19 pandemic?


Why not bring up how the Mayor of New York put covid “infected” people in the nursing homes where the Elderly were preyed upon and beaten? Your hit piece on the other political party Is only to continually fan the flames of the division of American’s People, it is a disgrace and a betrayal of our country.

This is a frustrating dishonest article because it perpetuates the problem rather than solves it. The author lays all the blame at the feet of the Trump administration. I am not defending Trumps handling of the crisis because it has not been good.

How about also blaming those Democratic governors who forced Covid free nursing homes to take infected residents?

It likely would have not been much different under Obama or if Hilary had been president. It happened because for decades the government and the industry have done nothing to fix a broken elder care health system.

Specifically with Nursing Homes, the funding has always been inadequate and the regulatory system was completely ineffective, both in protecting residents and improving their lives.

What is hard, is that mostly people like the author and a number of those commenting think more regulations and more fines will fix the problem. There is zero evidence to support this idea and tons of evidence to that demonstrates it does not work.

The truth is there is blood on everyone’s hands including those governors who forced COVID free nursing homes to take infected residents.

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Not true. This is just fascism plain and simple - this desire to do away with the most vulnerable in society who need public support to survive so that money can be given to the wealthy and corporations in the form of tax breaks and other corporate welfare. Nazi Germany did the same thing.

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This ever-deadlier crisis is clearly no accident.

Indeed it is obviously part of our Masters’ far-broader policy of exterminating those of us deemed no longer exploitable for profit and therefore – per their idol Hitler, “unworthy of life” – with the entire genocidal effort cunningly designed to murder us “surplus” humans without the odium of the German Nazi death camps.

(Verily, given the decades of accumulated evidence, to believe otherwise in July 2020 is to prove one’s self not only a permanent part of Moron Nation’s proudly ignorant Moronic Majority, but hopelessly delusional as well.)

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I don’t think the article was dishonest maybe incomplete. There is plenty of blame that can be attributed to Trump both in his handling of the Corona Virus Epidemic and his deregulation stance on health care policy.

Nursing homes have had agreements (it does differ by state but is federal policy) for respite care in emergencies. They are actually required. This was done very badly and demonstrates the existing level of infection control as problematic. Also, with privatization, there are issues within healthcare management. The source of infection at the Washington facility was impacted by a new administrator that was licensed in Georgia and hadn’t been vetted for qualifications (based on a new rule about staffing requirements that I won’t go into here) which though examination would have been changed but unfortunately it happened at a very bad time. This one thing caused a lethal delay and spread of the disease.

There is definitely evidence that bad regulation leads to bad outcomes and that privatized care is more about profit than actual quality care.

Congress authorized the Federal Lifespan Respite Care Act in 2006 There are other considerations for level of care requirements. Before this there was still organized emergency care.

Plenty of blame and shame to go around.
I will list a few of my personal observations in both nursing homes and hospitals.

  1. cleanliness, In the 1950’s, there was a tank with hoses used to manually wipe the walls by hand.
    Where and when to walls, doorways, doors acquire attention today. TV shows the doorknobs being wiped.
  2. Air Handlers. This is the most important for future reduction of person to person exposures. Each room has to have an exhaust that can reduce the pressure to a slight vaccumn. Outside make up air has to be increased, percentage. This does create higher utility bills unless heat exchangers are utilized. Fresh air - outdoors - has only 5 C-19 patients out of 1345 in one study.

An option is to have each room having its own unit thru the wall or window, This will have an exhaust fan, an inlet fan for air conditioning and another for heated air. Hepa filters on incoming.

  1. Copper does not support virus or bacteria living for very long. About 3 hours. Food trays, etc. can be covered with thin copper foil to assist.

I forgot to mention that fans are variable speed. From laminar to violent air flow.

madigan Hospital at Fort Lewis Washington can do this quickly and economically because every alternate floor is service and maintenance.

You couldn’t be more wrong.