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Blood on Our Hands: How We Help Drive Immigration North

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/23/blood-our-hands-how-we-help-drive-immigration-north

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not a complete analysis without dealing with the unsustainable population growth rate in some of the countries referenced, partly due to the influence of religion denying or limiting women access to birth control and abortion


Sorry, dude, but this is a sad fact. We’ve been arming cartels in Mexico for years while they ship drugs north. It’s big business. Our bullets and dirty money empower the power mongers of Third World countries, both governments and gangs. But that’s what we do, isn’t it?


Hi Jerry_Davis:

Are the drug dealer power mongers all really in the Third World countries? After reading about the Sackler family—it sounds as if opioids are the new drug of the world. Will we see a drug war commence between the Americans and the Third World nations?


This is all the work of the CIA. The CIA controls drug trafficking worldwide but has been doing it in Mexico and further south for 70 years. It’s massivley profitable. Plus these criminal groups are used to suppress movements from below like the indigenous fighting for land reform or workers fighting for better conditions. The CIA provides weapons (financed by selling drugs) to death squads to carry out this repression. People flee because they want to stay alive. See the book The CIA as Organized Crime by Douglas Valentine.The CIA is US capitalism’s international mafia; it is its covert imperial army.


US treasury gained $300,000,000 cash by selling WW2 infantry garrand rifles to individuals within the past year. these had been stored in South Korea. old, worn out, obsolete to most peoples.
One chicago area gun dealer has sold over 22,000 small palm size pistols to nurses working downtown hospitals. they walk to their autos in parking garages and require defense.

ATF had a scandal of providing weapons that they dumbly thought they could trace to gangsters inside Mexico. and then broadcast that they would not read tweets. C-span provided the congressional hearings where the gov’t dummies explained - yet, none were fired! Whatta country.

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"The biggest drug cartel in the world is the DEA.“Of the 10 migrants now in Mexico trying to get to the US, 8 are from Honduras.”


Why do we act like there is no current US involvement in the countries to the south??? There are SEVEN US military installations in Honduras ,there are five in Guatemala-----I wonder how many military installations these countries have in the US.

The US government is telling the people of Venezuela who their leader should be----another CIA puppet.


You do realize, do you not, that Mexico is as close to zero population growth as not to make any difference? You do realize that population growth in these countries is insignificant compared to violence as a force for emigration, do you not?

As for stopping the flow of weapons, When AMLO sits down with whomever to discuss Mexico’s role in stopping migration and drugs, weapons from the US need to be discussed. He can offer to send a couple kilos of cocaine north for every firearm that goes south.

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I remember reading in the local newspaper about the toll American weapons were taking when I was in Mexico City nearly 15 years ago. The drug cartels, with their U.S. made military hardware, had the Mexican military outgunned. The violence has continued ever since.

Our export of weapons combined with our misbegotten War on Drugs has devastated much of Latin America.

I’m not a big fan of Kamela Harris, but her plan to legalize marijuana nationally would be a small step in the right direction. Overturning our military-narco-industrial complex would be a big one.

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Hi Tom_Larsen:
Thank you for this. If I hadn’t read "War is A Racket,: by General Smedley Butler, I might find this strange. But, since America seems to have been a mean spirited invader since the Puritans, it might have been hard to believe how awful things can be. Things are pretty awful! Just as shocking was to hear that Israeli soldiers are in South America treating the citizens like Palestinians too. Why are we bringing Israel to South America, as it’s bad enough that America has such a horrible history there. Hmmm well a lot of nazis came to South America to escape—so I guess it makes sense that Israeli soldiers are there. : ( Israel and America, turning the whole world into serfs—and all in the middle of the climate Crisis!

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These are nice discoveries on Lappe’s part, but she needs to do further study on the trade in drugs and arms and probably human trafficking as well.

The major paths of violence in Latin American run CIA to governments and narcotraficantes, mostly working together. This is not to say that no private trade exists, but it is a footnote.

This has become fairly well documented, though journalistic documentation tends to lag behind current events. Anyone curious about methods can look at old examinations of Operation Phoenix and the drug trade out of the Golden Triangle in Burma, Robert Parry’s work with Ollie North’s cocaine and arms trade in the 1980s, and may investigate the current state of the opium trade run by the Karzai brothers with American military help out of Afghanistan–and this is far from exhaustive.

It’s mostly the American government, particularly the agencies that operate outside of constitutional bounds, that we need to disarm or bring to heel.

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We hear endless calls for more resources to stop illegal entry at our border. But where are the calls to stop the massive illegal transfer of weapons fueling the very violence that drives innocent people to leave their homes?