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'Blood on the Mountain': Why We Need a Red Neck Protest Anthem, Not a Hillbilly Elegy


'Blood on the Mountain': Why We Need a Red Neck Protest Anthem, Not a Hillbilly Elegy

Charles B. Keeney

A place mired in poverty, a culture of guns, conservative religion, poorly educated people, an angry and embittered populace.


Maybe what we need, concurrently with Socialized Medicine, is Socialized Law, so that Everyone gets a Fair Shake and the Profit Motive is removed.

Then, maybe, the Law will not be such an attractive Career Choice for Sociopathic Wieners ready and willing to aid in the destruction of an entire region.


Some may appreciate this link focusing on the armed rebellion of the miners


The miners who fought on Blair mountain wore red bandanas around their necks to identify themselves. That is how the term “red neck” was born. They were bombed from the air and machine guns were used against them as indicated in the above link. My uncle, Clifford Estep, was the infant child referred to in the link. Cabin Creek, btw, is the home of NBA legend Jerry West, a.k.a., Zeke from Cabiin Creek.


Let’s get this straight: The extraction industry aided by the US government attacks innocent families and destroys democracies all over the world.

The United States is ruled by death eaters who destroy human freedom and Earth for fun and looting of weaker people’s wealth.


I have just seen (free online) the doco “Hot Coffee”, showing how the system is fixed by the rich and corporations to ensure ordinary people ie real humans have no chance of using the law to get redress when they are damaged by big companies or groups (like the Chamber of Commerce, a Union for big businesses). This tragic example is not surprising, and it seems to b getting worse for American workers.


When you’re damn near broke fighting Big Business & Captured Gov’t is hard when you are in a union. Just imagine what it’s like, under similar circumstances, when you’re not in a union ( I work around Teamsters every day ). Our legal and economic system has created an " every week is shit on your neighbor week " environment since the Nixon Era. The Carter & Clinton Adms.didn’t stop the bleeding either. Obama has made some effort but faces a gutter-type politics mired in racist undertones and overt reactionary vitriol.The problem centers, as always, around $$$ in politics. Public financing of elections, at all levels, is a cure for a lot of this current " working class malaise " . And, our elected officials appear to not want to have this important conversation. Until that happens the Blankenships of the world will continue to bulldoze their way to the top of the slag heap. Destroying history and collective memory along the way, too. Great article and fresh perspective, btw.