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Bloomberg Defied a Flight Ban to Show Support for Israel, Defended the Country Shelling a School and Killing Sleeping Children

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/17/bloomberg-defied-flight-ban-show-support-israel-defended-country-shelling-school


MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: Nobody is attacking schools or hospitals. We are attacking Hamas…

“We”? “Us”?


I think the headline should read that Bloomberg Defied a Flight Ban to Show Support for Zionism–which is a matter that must be teased from the more innocuous sounding Israel. It is far past time to have the honest discussion about just what in the HELL is and has been going on in the Middle East and how the good old US of A has been co-opted into the fray. How many lives and how much treasure do we have to squander in a seemingly perpetual state of distraction and ignorance before our heads may pop out of the desert sands?


If anything, this Zionism will win Bloomberg votes with the d-party rank-and-file.

Of course, my constant refrain about how tattered the d-party big tent has become is legendary.

Which is why I have also repeated this standard:
The best thing to happen to the d-party was Donald Trump.
He won them the House and Pelosi’s Speakership in 2018.
He may install a Democrat (Repub Lite) oligarch this year.

Bloomberg: “Unfortunately, if there are innocents getting killed at the same time it’s not Israel’s fault.” yeah, right! Their shite doesn’t stink? Israel and zionist racism has been intentionally killing - murdering - innocents since 1948!

Bloomy is an Israeli shill and tool, beside being a “wealth parasite” and is disqualified for office by his greed, deceit, and support for zionist israeli Crimes Against Humanity! Against the Palestinian People and culture! MoFo swine!

The war crimes and crimes against humanity by the zionist entity have grown in enormity, viciousness and brutality over the decades since they took Palestinian Territory by force beginning in 1948 and in 1967 (among other actions) in direct violation of International Law and committed atrocities against civilians like at Deir Yassin and countless individual murders! !- their contempt for world opinion, truth, and International Law is displayed daily!
The lap-dog zionist sycophant trump has only accelerated the plan to completely annex Palestine, except for the open-air prisons.

The US - both parties - has with very rare exceptions always been a complete stooge for zionist racism and war-crimes, even when Israeli forces intentionally and knowingly attacked the USS Liberty killing and wounding over 200 American sailors - a crime covered-up in 1967 that continues to this moment!

Such is the ability to subvert our nation! Even when we are attacked and citizens killed we continue the craven boot-licking and paying trubute by the billions!!


One would almost think that the Government of Israel has pictures of all these lick spittles in compromising positions such as being on board the Lolita express.

It hard to understand just why a guy with 50 billion dollars would be so subservient to the State of Israel.


I really think this is true. For many years new politicians get to go on a “junket” to Israel and come back confirmed Zionists.

Based on his connections and travels, I think this is why Epstein is dead. He was a recent “supplier” and when caught had to be silenced.


Hi LongGone-----have they called Bernie an anti-semite yet?

If Bernie is anything, he is what so many Jewish people used to support—like the Jewish people who helped to form the ACLU. How could any Jewish person in Israel treat the Palestinians as the Germans treated them?
Most peculiar of all----when Israel kills Americans—no one in Israel or America seems to care. I just look at Israel and see Nazis. But then America did support the Nazi scientists who could help them build toward death in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Both America and Israel seem to be deluded and schizophrenic nations. Saying a nation is good and great is not the same as actually being good and great. : (


Sadly it sounds like Bloomberg believes the myth about Muslims attacking the US on 9/11. Science proves that WTC 7 fell from a controlled demolition, which strongly suggests the US attacked itself that day.

And the joke is that Netanyahoo knew about it, because it was the Mossad that wired up those towers – WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7 – to collapse that day.


Israel can show the world that the US attacked itself on 9/11. That’s powerful blackmail material.


I think that it is more likely that a lot of players were involved. Most of the “terrorists” were Saudi. One of “our” best friends then, and still one of “our” best friends now.

Something like this wouldn’t be a solo affair. Many stood to profit, or be hurt. So it seems reasonable to think it was a group effort. Each taking a little action or inaction as needed… then ignoring what others do or don’t do… or say they did, but didn’t.

Plausible deniability?


We did the same thing in Vietnam to the tune of a million or so civilians. Two or three here, a dozen over there, and after ten years of it it adds up. And they were not all North Vietnamese. Some from the south, Laos, and Cambodia.
I guess some must have been hiding in the jungle, in huts, or waving at us from rice paddies.


All attack is always called Defence .

It gives them a away to never Be peaceful .

Good catch.

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The Centrist Conservative Dems love this guy, he’s one of them. He can’t beat DT although he’s attempting to buy his way into the White House. His record on basic human rights is horrible and forget his FP twisted ideas.He’s a DisgustaPub disguised as a Dem. Just like Biden who is so over now, or Warren, or all of the others aside from Sanders–Who they are all in agreement to stop at all costs. Even another four of Agent Orange.


Fuck bloomberg and all the money he rode in on, same sentiment to the other 2 B-team wannabe’s, biden and buttigeig.

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don’t forget the billions of dollars in precious metals that were stolen from under ground vaults at wtc prior to the demolition, the mass destruction of evidence of massive white collar crimes committed by citizens of Israel/US that was stored in the destroyed IRS office building that was not damaged by the aircraft and collapsed in a near perfect controlled demo pancake, and the billions reaped from the insurance industry by Israel citizens, corporations, and government.

You Bloomy fans ask yourself who does he care more about the people of Western Pennsylvania or the people of Israel?

Hi LongGone:
A person can just never tell where reality goes next. Who would have imagined that Israel’s shot to the moon ended in a big crash.Having Knowledge and using it wisely are two different things. : )

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Hi LongGone, but when America and Israel were using the illegal depleted uranium in the Middle East----did both nations seriously not believe that what goes into the air, travels around the world and falls into water, or is picked upon by plants-?-----Truly war contaminates everything-----not just the people of one nation who are being warred upon. :frowning:

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