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Bloomberg's Comparison of Climate Leaders to Xenophobic "Build-the-Wall" Trumpsters Denounced as "Offensive" and "Absurd"


Bloomberg's Comparison of Climate Leaders to Xenophobic "Build-the-Wall" Trumpsters Denounced as "Offensive" and "Absurd"

Julia Conley, staff writer

In response to remarks by billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco on Thursday, climate campaigners denounced as both "absurd" and "offensive" his comparison of environmentalists demanding earth-saving policies to xenophobic supporters of Trump enthusiastically pushing to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico b


Experiment Earth, a tribute to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, rapidly marches on towards disorder. It could be no other way given the seven deadly sins and the absence of a morality grounded in reality–not lost in the clouds of magical thinking.


Bloomberg, like Twitler, is possessed by the bizarre but self-serving notion that money makes you smart (it doesn’t).


We do not want or need another billionaire like Bloomberg in the white house and certainly not as President. He will serve the Rich, not the people. He was a lousy Mayor. Enuf said!


Bloomberg, an industry-friendly-corporate shill is just the type of candidate that the DLC would love.

So in 2020 we will be presented with the lesser of two evils - again:
An intelligent pro-corporation hack
An buffoon pro-corporation hack

Which is more dangerous?
I can see Trump being selected again.
(Notice I don’t say “elected” again)


Both are worse. Hopefully we will have. Third or more options.


I would love to see a third party elected.
That is why I have voted for a third party pretty much since McGovern.
Unfortunately, the system is rigged against us.


Yes it sure is rigged against us, but look how the side effects of rigging went against Cuomo’s supposed Win last night. He’s returning to a new Albany with more Progressives than before to watch his every move. Many unexpected prog wins! Let them keep pushing Left!


And why does Brown continue to drag his feet on signing California’s new neutrality bill ?


And many more! I have a young relative that thinks the same way and when I try to tactfully have a dialogue about progressive values he always has this retort: “IF YOU ARE SO SMART WHY AIN’T YOU RICH!”


And the system being been rigged against us is nothing new.

" May we be written down as asses if ever again we are found putting our trust in either the Republican or Democratic parties."
W.E.B. Du Bois 1922.


Great quote.
I wish I could give you more than one “Like” for that.

Oh, I know how I can get lots of likes. I will just say that Nuclear Power is safe and good and then the paid Nuclear Power Trolls will come out the woodwork giving us tons of likes.


Of course it’s “offensive” and “absurd.” He’s a Republican.


He’s already yielded to Big Oil, so not sure whether he should do the same to Big Telecom.


Thanks for your kind reply.


Gov. Brown apparently sees at night, out at the ranch, by the light from the moonbeams coming from the dark side of it. His new pragmatism, from studying Bentham among others, has placed a wet blanket on his former political visions. He actually studied to be a Catholic priest at one time; so there’s that, too.
Bloomberg and his " I’ve got the 7th largest army in the world " remark is a disqualifer from the get go. He sounded like a Jewish Al Haig, another old kook, as well. His $$$ won’t buy anything but a rejiggered Center-Right re-run of Hillary’s Nasty Mush. A dish served cold, similar to Bloomberg’s push to change the Democratic Primary System.
Both these ol’ geezers need to ride off on an ATV into the sunset on Jerry’s Nut Ranch.


Who cares what the closeted clown has to say.


Just remember, when choosing between the douchebag and the shit sandwich, be absolutely sure to choose the lesser evil.