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'Blow Up the Phones': Demands That #BoltonMustTestify Surge After New Revelations About Ukrainian Aid Freeze

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/27/blow-phones-demands-boltonmusttestify-surge-after-new-revelations-about-ukrainian


I just called my two (Republican) senators, saying that John Adams and Tom Jefferson didn’t get along, but if either of them had gone to a foreign country (say France) for assistance in their election, they would have been accused of treason and faced the firing squad.

I said that I didn’t think the situation was that much different nearly 250 years later, and that senators have a moral obligation – in light of their oath of office – to protect the Constitution. Over 2/3 of the people of this nation want witnesses and clear examination of evidence. If the GOP doesn’t act, they are complicit.


Most of the Republican senators are such cowards and are so terrified of their Fuehrer that they have no morals… to their oath of office or the Constitution.


This a patriotism test for Bolton.

If he really cares about his country, as he surely claims that he does, he would hold a press conference or do a live interview and spill the beans, damn the book.

We’ll see.


There’s absolutely no question as to “if” the Republican Senators are complicit.

The next week or so will show to what degree their complicity takes them, and how much they knowingly are willing to shred the Constitution and trash their vows to it.


Bolton and Rudy as witnesses in exchange for The Bidens.

I call that a fair trade.


I assume Bolton is walking a tightrope as to classified knowledge. Any book by a former WH official who had a high security clearance is submitted to the White House for review as to its possibly containing classified material. That usually takes a month but publication could be held up longer. Obviously many on Trump’s side knew what Bolton was about to publish and evidently tried to speed up the trial before it was released. The NYTimes deserves credit for making the country aware of what will become common knowledge quite soon but not soon enough for the country’s sake but too soon for Trump’s!
Trump looks lousy and apparently has assumed a permanent pout. The clown isn’t happy and the Republican senators defending him have no choice but to go with their prepared defense of Trump even though Bolton’s lightening bolt has changed the game on everything.


Be careful what you wish for folks. Bolton is so crooked he has two people help him screw his pants on every morning.
The timing of this is all a little too convenient.


If I were the Bidens I would want to testify. Go before the senate, crawl up on the cross, and scream “why hath thou forsaken me?” as hapless republican senators accuse him of everything from bestiality to the Lindbergh kidnapping.
Then he can ride that persecution all the way to the nomination.


I don’t see Bolton as crooked but just rabidly rightwing. Nevertheless he apparently pays heed to his oath to the constitution and was willing to testify. The fact remains that he could have delayed publication of his book on his own. The testimony of Fiona Hill is why it is doubtful that Bolton is ‘crooked’. He walked out of a high level administration job coveted by rightwing ideologues because of what he saw as a breach of ethics and his oath to the constitution. I never agreed with him like most progressives but this is a historical stand on his part. One for the history books it seems.


The problem is, the Repubs will tear into Hunter.

The guy who lives in $12,000/month DC mansion but isn’t making child support payments to his stripper baby mama. The guy who has admitted he got the Burisma job – and many others – because he’s his daddy’s son. The guy who was dishonorably discharged from the Navy in 2014 after testing positive for nose candy.

Joe won’t like seeing all of that dredged up.


I’m just spitballin’ here but it occurs to me that Bolton’s:

  • Rather icy relationships with Mulvanay, Pompeo, Sondland, and especially Rudy incline him toward pointing out who was doing what.

  • Understanding of how inevitable it is that the truth comes out makes him more likely to get out in front of the impending news cycle distasters.


Actually I am surprised at the 100% coverup status of republicans. The hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham and others could be treated as lying, coverup, or treason-like behavior. Only allowed for republicans. All others would be under investigation, or in jail.
If the democrats don’t do followup investigations of trump associates I’m done with most of them. And I won’t vote for obvious reasons. That means republicans win another round.

PS I haven’t missed a presidential since 1976, and voted in almost all the other state and local ones.


From what I understand, it was required that a preview of the book had to be submitted before it could be published, that was done in December. It was not Bolton that leaked this, somehow the New York Times got a hold of the manuscript and leaked it.
I’ve never liked Bolton, but in this case, I believe him 99% more than anything trump says.




Yepper, something is up, and not enough data yet to analyze, but, Bolton is still the ever neocon.


Good point.

I’m pondering that one myself. But What’s this game, seems still a mystery.

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That’s probably going to be Mitch’s deal offer at the end of the week. Hunter Biden on national teevee is not going to be a good look. It will be as greasy, creepy and mobby as the Giuliani-Sekulow act. The American people will then rightly conclude the whole shitshow is corrupt.


Well, can’t trust anybody anymore, but don’t give up.