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Blowforward: Why Failure Doesn’t Daunt the National Security State


Blowforward: Why Failure Doesn’t Daunt the National Security State

Tom Engelhardt

Years ago, Chalmers Johnson took a term of CIA tradecraft, “blowback,” and put it into our language. Originally, it was meant to describe CIA operations so secret that, when they blew back on this country, Americans would be incapable of tracing the connection or grasping that the U.S.


Mr. Englelhardt and Mr. Turse have both illustrated why the really scary terrorists are not al Qaeda or al Shabaab but al State Departement, al Pentagon and al Military Industrial Cannibal. Their Fundamentalist creed goes something like this: There is no god but dollar and Wall Street gets the Profits!


This is a good example of two corollaries:

The only goal of all organizations (and individual organisms) is self preservation, and,
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The only purpose of the military-industrial-complex (MIC) is to continue to exist, to continue to grow. By growing they promote instability, that is clear, but they simultaneously promote the reasoning, to their beholden politicians, “See, you need more military because there is more instability.”

Politicians, who are only concerned about continuing to receive their funding from the MIC, and are obviously insane by Einstein’s definition, throw even more funding at the MIC.


Seems to me that organized crime families were legend for performing enough robberies (along with the roughing up of citizens) to warrant obtaining “Protection money” from honest storekeepers. THAT is how they stayed in business. Note the parallels to war crimes corporations that now run our nation’s international policies.

“In Africa, as he reminds us today, when the U.S. military first started moving onto the continent in a significant way, there were almost no Islamic terror organizations outside of Somalia. Now, with AFRICOM fully invested and operational across the continent, count ‘em.”

Mr. Engelhardt continues to repeat frames that suggest he can’t see outside of his own narrow paradigm,.

If the MIC and above all, those weapons traders (like the Carlyle Group) and weapons builders didn’t have cause to “move their product” and “replace inventory,” a cessation to the Military-industrial state and/or war profits would rapidly arrive.

If an area that has a history of poverty, privation, and tribal feuding is suddenly pushed into chaos, its services halted and its leadership assassinated… what can anyone logically conclude will invariably occur?

If the armed forces under a M.A.D.ness campaign didn’t want to spread misery, privation, and the ASSURANCE of more violent and vile responses to it, other sorts of sane policies would be utilized.

What is the going estimate? $3 trillion wasted on wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, and to a lesser extent Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere…

Imagine how many schools, hospitals, and organic farms could have been built with that dough? And like the kid who always remembers the kind stranger who bought him lunch or handed her a candy bar… that kind of peaceful diplomacy would have won improved relations.

But that is not what the elites and their New World Order agenda is about. They want control. With Monsanto owning 50% of many seed stocks NOW and with TIPP and TPP about to push that ratio further into that odious corporation’s pocket, and with “the war on terror” serving as the perfect pretext to sell more weapons and beef up police departments so that citizens will be contained, corralled, and controlled… the entire murderous debacle that began with a false trigger continues on the basis of nothing BUT fabrications.

Only an idiot would buy the official story or read what graft and corruption has put into place as some kind of bona fide military objective born of good will, the desire to establish peace, stability, and Democratic rights.

Astrology teaches something that those of us who practice this art KNOW to be true. It’s that the instant anything begins or is born tells the story of its unfolding. A tainted inception–which is to say the seed planted on the basis of utter deception–cannot develop into anything but a highly tainted fruit. That’s blowback from a metaphysical perspective. And THAT tells the story of all that is now so bloodily and brutally coming apart.

Incidentally, 9 + 11 + 2001 adds up to 23 which just so happens to be the kua/hexagram known as “Splitting Apart” in the I ching. I remember how the analogy stunned me that fateful morning as I watched incredibly well-built, sturdy structures split apart. And I knew this event would symbolize much that would follow.

“Let no man tear asunder what Creator hath sewn together.”

EVIL was unleashed and it is evil that is driving the agenda. Only those wearing patriotic blinders fail to see, or are guilty of that moment from “A Few Good Men,” as Nicholson intoned, “YOU can’t handle the truth!” Hello, Tom Engelhardt… you’re analyzing the details and entirely blind to the big picture.