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Blue Apron? 'Um, No.' Anti-Hunger Advocates Decry Trump's Food Box Proposal for Nation's Poor

:slight_smile: Oh bless you for your wonderful posting :-)))

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When I managed specialized service homes for disable people we were required to have a dietician plan and review menus. It basically covered calorie requirements and a four week schedule. It was a standard diet but I wouldn’t eat it. It included processed meats and other now considered unhealthy foods. Under different program regulations we used our own menus, brought the food. and had the dietician approve.

I remember those days, though I thought the cheese was phenomenal compared to what we can find in the grocery today, and that peanut butter made the best cookies. It expired quickly, so we HAD to turn it into cookies or fudge, which lasted longer.
Of course, all of it was temporary, especially the “good” versions of foods (that cheese is famous today, because it was actually very good quality at one point).
I’m very, very sorry that you had the misfortune of opening the pork jelly. Not one redeeming quality in that garbage, it shames me that we ever fed our poor with such.
Oddly, I’m hungry now.

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The proposal, called “America’s Harvest Box,” would reportedly contain “homegrown” products, sourced from American farmers and producers. Shelf-stable milk, juice, grains, cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans, canned meat, poultry or fish, canned fruit and vegetables are among the items that would be included in the box.

What is shelf stable milk?

Sure glad we have such a fine example by our president of what a nutritious diet should be. Maybe he’ll cut a deal with Mc Donalds too

It’s been subjected to ultra high pasteurization, usually packaged in oversized juice boxes. Because of the process, it can be stored unrefrigerated on an open shelf for long periods compared to regular milk. How this process affects the milk quality, I’m not sure. Hope this helps.


It does help and thank you.

I found this about aseptic milk but it does not mention anything about nutritional values.


I keep a small box of milk on my pantry shelf for just in case. I mostly use it in coffee, so there isn’t a lot to judge quality.

I wonder if the powers that be in control of the contents of this “Food Box” could be swayed enough to include in it, for those with the proper Doctor recommendation of course, some Medicinal Cannabis or edibles?

Medicinal Cannabis really does save lives, or perhaps that’s not one of the goals of this program.

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“For all the tribulations in our lives, for all the troubles that remain in the world, the decline of violence is an accomplishment that we can savor-and an impetus to cherish the forces of civilization and enlightenment that made it possible.” ~Steven Pinker~

Please don’t let them do it to you. What I am proposing is that we SNAP recipients should "return to sender" the boxes we receive.

I am well aware of what you mention, the ‘surplus food’-food, if you can call it that. The point is not privilege of any hue but experiencing poverty as a criminalized activity.

This is a program run by the same folks that rail against government-run healthcare as in single payer but has no problem in making the government under their “leadership” run a vital program that only helps to feed people, and one that allows them to choose what they need for their dietary needs. It has to do with a most selfish, inhumane attitude that is ingrained in the American psyche. We are not in a depression for those who are extremely wealthy only for those with little. Trump and his ilk are only the symptoms of a deep sickness in the US.


Rather than eating crap I have solved it by eating only once a day but eating healthy. A nice big pot of soup can last up to a good number of days.

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Very Dickensian! The “Scrooge & Marley” Administration.

You are so very correct! This is at the root of this whole nightmare!

Sadly, most of them cannot put the smartphone down long enough!

Thank you. We need to remind each other, and ourselves, of the basic fact you stated above.
It goes much deeper than Trump, and has absolutely nothing to do with Russia!

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.”-----Walt Kelly (as Pogo)

I agree- but it takes more than protests- it takes action as well as plans. For instance- people privately donate to soup kitchens. I know we do and many others do as well. For people who only care about their own rather than a sense of community- that is the downfall of the USA and has been for decades.

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That is true about the phone- plus those who are on the high salary end- see that there are no problems for them.

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The immediate family and friends with no community has been the bain of the US for decades, and has permitted the rise or the oligarchy.

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I guess when their families are in the middle of a disaster- then they will whine about not having a community!

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