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Boasting of 'Combat Power' to Threaten Iran, US Flies Two Massive B-52 Bombers Over Persian Gulf

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/10/boasting-combat-power-threaten-iran-us-flies-two-massive-b-52-bombers-over-persian

Anyone else think this may be Trump’s last straw if the most evil president in the history of the U.S., thinks it will save his presidency?


But those B52 bombers are antiques.


i’m thinking Trump and netanyahu are behind the assassination of iran’s scientist in hopes of iran retaliating and giving israel and the US grounds for bombing them into oblivion .,
The US is still furious over their failure to take over the country when they installed the fake shah years ago . they have been trying ever since to regain control there and now Netanyahu has a willing insane psycho partner to finish off iran .


Did Persians invent chess? I don’t think so – not according to the anthropologists. But they know the game. It may be nearly forgotten by now, in today’s hyperspeed newsframe, but the basic nature of non-nuclear global warfare changed irremediably more than a year ago, as Patrick Cockburn noticed when someone used those little buzzy things to evade Saudi defenses:

The Drone Strikes on the Saudi Oil Facilities Have Changed Global Warfare

The game has changed, and the Iranians obviously know it. Not sure about USA, with our ancient gigantic (superfluous & obsolete, but expensive, and that’s the point!) bombers.


Apparently, the Cheeto intends to literally scorch the earth behind him as he leaves. Oh, if only Jan. 20th would get here soon.


Sure looks that way to me, but bombing Iran into oblivion could start WWIII, do not forget Iran’s allies Russia and China!


That is the Trump problem, Jan. 20 is getting here soon for him and he is desperately running out of options to turn over the election.


The worst part of the drone strikes is the impersonalization of the war. Everything is perceived as a target and therefore the perception that human beings are involved is erased. It’s truly the worst use of technology ever devised, since the propaganda needn’t try to convince us of monsters, but instead turn us into things; impersonal, soulless mechanisms.


It’s what America does, the war machine.

Brian Williams is crying because it’s so beautiful…


For US Americans, it’s only worrisome if it’s pointed at us. Remember the Collateral Murder video? Nobody gave a shit and Assange wound up persecuted for life, anyhow. Nobody gives a shit about Julian Assange, to this day, because nobody was all that worried in the first place, about USA’s technological mastery when it comes to turning random Arabs into red mist, as shared with the world, then promptly forgotten here, in the Collateral Murder video.

But it turns out other people can figure out how to use those little buzzy things against US Americans! When we notice that plot-twist, we’ll be going “Who would have expected it?”

(Oh, and the B-52’s are an old rock band to me. Not exactly one of my favorites, either.)


These Flying Dinosaurs are no T-Rexes. Trumpo-saurus.

Yes, but speaking as a fellow ‘antique’, they still have the ability to deliver quite a punch. Each B-52-H can carry up to 20 air launched cruise missiles, fly at 50,000 feet, with a range (non-refueled) of almost 9,000 miles.

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These things should be destroyed.


A bit off topic but relevant to M.E.:


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Our tax dollars at work.


Why do we put dangerous equipment like that under the control of bellicose a-holes? Why do we rehire a Congress which permits such reckless behavior?

It’s time We took our government back.


And yet he wanted to withdraw some troops from our war crime theaters and Congress just blocked it.

It ain’t the Republicans leading the charge to Armageddon.

Yeah,maybe. But ya gotta admit they’re a pair o’ big 'uns.

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Donald Trump biographer says president wants to ‘inflict as much suffering’ as he can in his final weeks to show dominance

“Well, look, he’s a sociopath, and they are cruel and sadistic,” said Schwartz. “They get pleasure from the pain of others because it’s a way to demonstrate their dominance.