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Boasting of 'Combat Power' to Threaten Iran, US Flies Two Massive B-52 Bombers Over Persian Gulf

Anyone in the Military who goes along with this (at Trumps order) needs a court martial and be hung to treason. Insanity


Those death machines are the stolen wealth from planet Earth that belongs to all humans and our children and their children’s children.

We are here to be good stewards of life ,over that which we have been given stewardship. Asked by life to sustain it and pass it on to those that come after us .

Yeah… well anyway, it’s nice to see that at least we got something for our money…

Surely they do, but the S 400 has a range of 200 miles. 50,000 feet is only 10 miles…

Combat tested bombing Asian Peasants … that could only
wave their hoe at them. Probably have a different outcome when
a plane flying 750mph tries to outrun an AA Missile at 3000mph.


Trump is working on it.

Yes big for sure.

They may be “Antiques”, but…they can most definately do the job they were designed to do.

And they certainly are not stealth.

Why? Because in my opinion, Amerika has been a military dictatorship pretending to be a democracy ever since the Korean war when Congress committed treason and abdicated their Constitutional responsibility and authority to declare war.


Very unwise, but nobody really wins in a war.


If all’s fair in love and war, I guess it’s permissible for Iran to fire missiles that would fly over Israel and drop into the sea.

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True, the only exception is the war profiteers, like Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed ect. THEY ALWAYS WIN!


It looks like the retaliation was on a much smaller scale.and did not give Trump what he needed. But, it’s still a long time til Jan 20th.


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The Rothchilds took over the World understanding that.

Sirios, I am in total agreement with you. However, the U.S. is probably not still furious about failing to take over Iran all those years ago. The same desire to dominate the Middle East is still in play, though. And Iran has repeatedly asserted itself.

It’s a mistake to think that anger drives this kind of aggressiveness. Plain and simple, Wall Street profits from war. Corporations profit from war, and so do politicians. Until we make it unprofitable, we are going to continue to see saber rattling, provocations, sanctions, and other random acts of violence against countries that do not fall in line with the U.S. agenda, or who refuse to be cowed by the U.S.


I guess the message is; ‘America is ready to bomb you, your wives, your children, your parents, your dog and your real estate unless you do as we say’.
Does anyone monitor what the US military is doing or are we all in full agreement? I would like to know so I can phone my friends in Iran and tell them that the USA is about to destroy their lives.

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I think that those behemoths would be taken out by anti aircraft missiles about thirty miles into Iran.

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There is obviously a campaign to thwart Iran and the reasons are obvious.
The problem is and always has been since the days of the British Empire; you can not change a nation’s culture and belief system by killing them.
It is a fools errand, the USA of course is not able to see beyond it’s own interests. They lost in Korea, they lost in Vietnam and you could say they lost in Iraq even though they won the battle Iraq remains a victim of factions.
But you know Americans love bombing other Nations it’s something they do really well. Women and children are beside the point.

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If they are directly overhead that’s true, but 10 miles up and a couple hundred miles offshore is out of range of the S400. The cruise missiles carried by the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat F*cker) have a range of between 650 and 1500 miles.