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Bodies On the Gears: Occupying ICE


Bodies On the Gears: Occupying ICE

Bearing signs declaring “Will Trade Racists for Refugees,” Portland, Oregon protesters against Trump's horrors against immigrant families held a vigil Sunday at a local ICE facility, and then decided to stay. By Wednesday, after temporarily blockading ICE officers inside, their burgeoning occupation - 30 tents, kitchen, library, barricades, medical tent, stashes of food and water - had forced ICE to shut down "due to security concerns."


It seems to me that no matter where I look, direct action is taking place. For this I most grateful to trump. There is a giant waking up from slumber. We have been asleep for far too long. Lulled into dreams by toys that lack substance. I see positive signs of humility and compassion everywhere. Do I fear a back-lash? Yes, but I feel it will be short lived at best. But be careful, there are ruts in the path still.


When we consider the cost involved and damage done to human psyche’s by this inhumane and probably illegal operation, it seems incredible that it is happening here in the USA.

However on second thought maybe not. Our government interned the Japanese Americans during WWII, stole native American lands, participated in slavery, “trumped” up a reason to attack Iraq and Afghanistan for Saudi terrorist crimes, sent troops to Vietnam for their civil war so we could continue to manipulate their government, created a “domino theory” to attack Korea (police action???) and manufactured reasons to send advisers to central America, etc. All in order to propagate our brand of “Freedom”.