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Bodies on the Ground and the Rise And Rise of the Economic Elite

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/09/bodies-ground-and-rise-and-rise-economic-elite


Trump leading the effort of geocide

The death of the earth

Two forms

Soft geocide: capitalism and exploitation of the earth

Hard geocide: military domination of the earth

I read a review of this book when it first came out, but only in the last week did I download it and read it. Written by an attorney who does high profile environmental law and a legal scholar. Interesting to read predictions right at the start of Trump presidency in the light of 2 1/2 years of what has happened. Author also sketches out the Public Trust doctrine in which law could play an important role in international efforts to face Gaia.

It is a free download. I gave a donation to an independent outlet and did not go through Amazon.

Heathen Earth: Trumpism and Political Ecology looks beyond the rising fortunes of authoritarian nationalism in a fossil-fueled late capitalist world to encounter its conditions. Trumpism represents an alternative to the forces undermining the very cosmology of the modern West from two opposing directions. The global economy, the pinnacle of modernization, has brought along a dark side of massive inequality, corrupt institutions, colonial violence, and environmental destruction, while global warming, the nadir of modernity, threatens to undo the foundations of all states and all markets. To the vertigo of placelessness, symptomatic of globalization, is added the ecological vertigo of landlessness. With reality slowly fragmenting, it is only too obvious in this light that Trumpism and other nationalist movements would attract massive hordes of supporters. Promising to expel foreigners and to restore unity and equality by taking power back from the global elites, while utterly denying the climate science that calls ordinary means of subsistence and consumption radically into question, Trumpism can be seen as an antidote to the toxic combination of global markets and global warming. The irony, of course, is that Trumpism only responds to these dangers by doubling down on the reckless expansionist logic that gave rise to them in the first place.

This book, composed entirely between November 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017, examines Trumpism according to its regime of political representation (despotism), its political ontology (nativism), and its political ecology (geocide), while laying the groundwork for an alternative politics and a resistant, responsive ecology of the incompossible.

The last word is not a mistake. Author views politics as acts of the composition of collectives, human and non human. So rather than the word “impossible” he invents a word.

Heathen Earth: Trumpism and Political Ecology

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Phil - Good to see and read you here again. Always a solid brain massage along with new-perspective ideas.

Your hungry ghost / capitalist analogy based on Tibetan Buddhist teaching banged the gong for me. Everywhere one looks, hungry ghosts swirl and howl trying to satiate their cravings whether for the next new marketed bauble or the need to be racially superior and a winner.


“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven”

The quote is from Ecclesiastes, but the cyclical aspect of things is demonstrated both in nature, and throughout recorded history. We’re in a time of necessary dissolution, the current arrangement has run past its own limits and is self-destructing. Almost literally, the very ground under our feet is falling away. Who knows what, if anything, will rise from the ashes.


Merriam Webster definition of incompossible: not mutually possible : inconsistent, incompatible.

A gun has a sight, not a site.

Imagine that - someone who doesn’t know a site from a sight !

What exactly is your point ?

Yes - time for a change. The bond yields are inverted out to ten years - and, as Phil points out, human nature is dependable - both the elite and the progressives are clinging to a time that is past.

Inside of every human there is the individualist, complete with his or her ‘selfish genes’, and the social person who sees more or less clearly the need, at times, for the cohesive group.

It might be possible, as the ecosphere implodes, for people everywhere to see their advantage in the largest group possible - maybe - at least until, or is it if, we can find a way forward.

“The US is less a nation and more a collective, psychotic episode” indeed !

The GOP is less a political party and more an organized crime syndicate.

Labeling it the American Taliban would be more reflective of its mission than GOP.

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Me thinks, in this case, the sentence address what a gun is rather than what it has. Indeed, the heft of a gun is not only something it has but what it is imagined to lend to one’s being.

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Only problem being that the ‘real’ name of the American Taliban is already [ Alkaida - sp? by DJD?]. Maybe Realkaida / real kinda?

My we presume that you believe most of the DamnocRats are significantly better?   How naive!!

99.44% of ALL politicians are serfs of their korporate owners, who – being “people” – are obviously kannibalistic in nature.


Wow! It is great to have the brilliant Mr. Rockstroh back again. I first heard the phrase “hungry ghosts” from the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh and I immediately thought of many of the American people that I have witnessed and read about. Trumpo the Klown is indeed an emblem of our national decline and malaise. He is a monster and a criminal and yet tens of millions of us hang on his every tweet. I read recently that as many as 60 million Uh-meriKKKans read them. I have no doubt that if Trumpo the Traitor loses the “election” next year that many of his MAGA hat wearers will encourage him to stay in the White House and declare the election to be fake. Remember what he said during one of his “debates” with Hillary - he would only believe the results of the election IF he won. We are witness to the supreme example of malignant narcissism and egomania in the Offal Office and we are losing our democracy and our very republic due to the actions of these right-wing scumbags and the pathetic response by the DINOs.


To me the GOP stands for Greedy Old Pillagers.

Did a mod remove the posts about guillotines? If so, good. The reign of terror not only ultimately backfired and led to the thermoridians, but it was also as cannibalistic towards the revolutionaries as it was cruel and inhumane. Not only royalists, but moderates and even people at the wrong place at the wrong time died. Even Thomas Paine was almost executed. To invoke the specter of Robespierre is abominable.

We reached the Pacific ocean & ran out of people to to shoot? All posessions are talismens, we grasp them: tool, phone or steering wheel… and some part of us goes into their function? As we write, here, the interaction focuses and engages us, all together. Guns, involve loners in one YOOJ atavistic militia, a catharsis of repressed emotion. From infancy, they’ve been training to engage an invading enemy of their own projection, fears & transference. It transcends their terrifying loneliness? Gnadenhutten, slave hunting, poor Whiskey Rebellion settlers it didn’t matter? It’s always “us versus them… they started it!”