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Body Count Report Reveals At Least 1.3 Million Lives Lost to US-Led War on Terror


Body Count Report Reveals At Least 1.3 Million Lives Lost to US-Led War on Terror

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

How do you calculate the human costs of the U.S.-led War on Terror?

On the 12th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, groups of physicians attempted to arrive at a partial answer to this question by counting the dead.


All the pro-life hypocrites who support the GOP fascist war machine are enablers of this carnage. Neolibs who side with them too. We are being led to perdition by psychopaths.


Didn’t we go there because George Bush tried to make us ashamed that Sadam Hussein had killed 50,000?
Bush walked. Cheney walked. Wolfowitz walked. Tenet walked. Bolton walked. Feith walked. The Obama administration didn’t prosecute any of them forgetting somehow that they took this nation to war on a cooked up pile of lies. It was just a little war that took the lives of 4500 Americans, too. Now the tally is up to 1.3 million. Thanks a lot, men.

We never knew whether the 50,00 Iraqi dead were killed by Sadam, or whether it was the sanctions that starved them. We never knew anything about the region, because we didn’t learn our history. We (meaning Cheney) just wanted the oil.


I have been calling for the execution of Bush, Cheney and every senior member of that administration (including Condi) for years now, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. We could have dealt with bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan without going to war with the entire country, and it’s been long-determined that the war with Iraq was based on a total lie over oil. Imagine, over a million people dead because of these war mongering resource grabbers! F$%& the Republicans, for all eternity.


The Western press and its leaders refer to The Crimea as “occupied” and “illegaly annexed”. The press and a few voices here refer to the regime in the Crimea as a “dictatorship” and “oppressive”.

The Crimea has half the unemployment rate as in The Ukraine. When they voted to join Russia , that country agreed to raise the pensions of the elderly to Russian levels. This was a 40 percent increase. Veterans pensions were also raised to the same level as in Russia which was an increase of 100 percent. There are no drones blowing people up nor is Russia shelling cities.

Some 1 million refugees have FLED the Ukraine for neighboring Russia while if there a flood of Crimeans trying to leave the Crimea , I have yet to hear of it. The IMF is dicating to the Ukraine further cuts to wages and pensions and the surrender of vast tracts of land to Western Investors including those wanting to plant GMO crops. (banned in Russia).

THAT is the reality of “Occupied Crimea” under the “despot putin” compared to the “freedom loving democracy of the Ukraine” that the West champions.

Now let us look at Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan. The West and in particular the US/Nato alliance claims to have “liberated” these countries from despots. The USA justifies its invasion of Iraq because it got rid of the despot Hussein and “freed the people from his tyranny” The NATO/US alliance claims it “liberated Libya” from Qaddaffi and brought “democracy and freedom to Afghanistan” after removing the Taliban.

In those “liberated countries” poverty is rampant. Children go hungry. 1.5 million plus have been murdered. Millions have fled the countries. Women see what little rights they had eroded. Access to health care and housing is marginal. At any moment the USA might drop bombs on a house or murder a wedding party with a drone attack. Doors are kicked in at night and the people hauled off to be tortured at places like Bagram by “special forces”.

Now where would ANY objective person rather live?

Occupied Crimea run by Putin the brutal dictator or the Liberated countries of Afghanistan. Libya and Iraq, all “democracies” with the rights and liberties of the people defended by those brave warriors of NATO and the USA?


Do those drones hang around long enough to count the dead?


So what has the cost been per kill? What is the cost to just stop killing people?


The comedian Pat Paulsen looked at the cost per killed Vietcong and said “I think we could have bought them off cheaper.” He was on to something. I have always said we would do better spending our money feeding and help shelter people than dropping bombs on them. How about we try working together? Wow …What a concept. Right now we should be spending billions of the Pentagon budget to hire the Iraqi’s and Afghani’s to rebuild what we destroyed.


We should hire some of those terrorist to run our pentagon the war would be won in no time. I doubt it would take the 14 years.


There is no realistic hope for justice and accountability for these high criminals through any kind of ordinary means, so we will have to hope that somebody finds extraordinary means. Surely, someday, someone can independently administer justice to at least some of these persons.

Can you imagine the world-jubilation that would ensue if news came out tomorrow morning that someone had assassinated Bush? There would be dancing in the streets…


This would seem to be the most important news story of the past 13 years, but thus far I cannot find any evidence that it is being carried by any large, or even small, corporate media outlet.


We’re the nation that bombs flat. We flattened Tokyo and Dresden. We flattened North Korea. We flattened much of Indochina and 2 million farm people died. Now 1.3 million people died in Iraq. We also built thousands of H-bombs with which to bomb vast numbers of poor people flat, if things ever come to a bad end.

We need peoples of the world to be somehow closely connected despite the miles. If we adopt our enemy then we become dependent on them for some of our lunch and for some of our lovers. Then we have trouble killing our friends for the profits of a handful of corrupt psychotic outsider types.


For the record, the unholy Iraq War Resolution that authorized the utterly misguided intervention into a country that had not threatened us, attacked us, and had no link to 9/11, was passed, widely, in a bipartisan vote. Democrats had 50 members in the Senate at the time and could have withheld authorization. They did not.


I don’t know if I can put this link in, but it is something everyone should see.


1.3 million lives lost? War on terror? I would call it a U.S. war of terror!


I appreciate your post, but the number of Iraqis killed as a direct result of sanctions is close to 1 milliion, half of that number children.


Yes, you are right about that. There were not many Senatorial “Profiles in Courage” at that time, certainly not the person we are all supposed to jump on the “bandwagon” for - Shillary. My hero in all of that was Rep. Barbara Lee, the only member of either House to oppose both wars. I would gladly vote for her for President or VP (unless she was on a ticket with Shillary).


I took the numbers from an article from the Moscow times.

The point remains. Incidental to this both the BBC and Der Speigel , media organizations which had taken the lines of their masters in the Western Governments reporting the election in the Crimea as fraudulent and claiming that the Russians had invaded it , did independent polls in the Crimea.

The SUPPORT from the people for remaining with Russia rather then the reckon was HIGHER then even the election results. Some 5 percent of peoples felt they would be better off as part of the Ukraine.


I was living in MN at the time and took two weeks off of work to daily lobby against the Iraq War Resolution. Both Senators Mark Dayton (D) and Paul Wellstone (D) voted NO on the losing side of the 77-23 vote in favor. As two of the 21 of 50 D’s who voted NO, both men represented me with the remarkable wisdom and bravery I asked of them. I will never forget their “profiles in courage” and honor them here.

I also again thank former US Representative Jim Ramstad ® for taking my call in the minutes before vote on the House side. Although we disagreed, heatedly, I hope in light of this body count and subsequent predictable failure of Iraq to transform into the country neo-conservatives sought to make it in this ill-conceived nation-building exercise, that my determination to discuss and passions expressed about the likely consequences of that momentous vote are clearer now in hindsight than they were at the time.


Let’s not forget the 5 million or so Iraqis turned into refugees (including so many professional people and educated Iraqis in general), and the horrific destruction of Iraqi infrastructure. Our war on Iraq is one gigantic and hideous war crime.