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'Bold Action Can't Wait': Summit Must Focus Efforts on Eliminating World's Nukes


'Bold Action Can't Wait': Summit Must Focus Efforts on Eliminating World's Nukes

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As dozens of world leaders convene in Washington, DC for the fourth and likely final Nuclear Security Summit, one advocacy group is saying the focus must be the urgency of "bold action" to eliminate the world's nuclear weapons.


Maybe if NATO would stop surrounding Russia and the US would stop supporting coups in the region, Russia might be willing to support a nuclear ban. Russia cannot trust the US as long as the neocons are hell-bent on a regime change foreign policy.


Did Israel attend?


"I think the Obama administration is comfortable with the status quo with nuclear weapons for the most part, it's very comfortable with the status quo with nuclear power, so this conference is merely focused on locking down highly enriched uranium and weapons-grade plutonium materials," Kamps said. "Its priorities are completely messed up," he added.


Does this include the nuclear power plants that Hillary wants and Bernie is against?

Karl Grossman
Nuclear Power Plants Are Pre-Deployed Weapons of Mass Destruction


Straight up main stream media and establishment politics playing public relations to dress up Barrack Obama on his way out, instead of being the Uncle Tom who betrayed hope and change, he is now being portrayed as the diplomat.
Instead of the back stabbing scum who sold out universal health to pump up the profits of corporation he is to be laughably portrayed as a seeker of peace.
This crap is just going to get worse and worse as they seek to turn the hero who went to zero back into a main stream public relations hero, instead of being nothing but the first African American president, just another soulless corporate stooge, they want to want to pretend he is a great liberal progressive politician who is to be replace by the next corporate choice Clinton whom of course Obama will support.
Of course that support is meaningless unless they can dress up the corporate stooge to be anything but what he actually is, the ass hat who betrayed hope and change.


Keep in mind Hillary's declared NEW relationship with Netanyahu -- and, yes, Israel does have nuclear weapons --
where she acknowledges that because of Israel's fears that it would lose it's nuclear monopoly in ME it has
considered a "surprise" attack on Iran only held in check by Obama. Hillary intends to offer more financial aid
and armaments to Israel and improve this relationship.
That is -- first thing -- after she gains the presidency.

Hillary is a Hawk and a Hawk is not a feminist.


In light of ocean rise and potential for massive flooding where nuke plants have been sited Obama may want to re-think his pro-nuke stance........