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Bold and Visionary: A Criminal Justice To-Do List for the New Administration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/09/bold-and-visionary-criminal-justice-do-list-new-administration

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Considering her record as a rapacious prosecutor in California Kamala Harris is, how shall I put it, an unlikely champion of this agenda.


A simple agenda. If only there is a will.

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Harris like Biden are politicians and as such are often times more followers than leaders. They will run to the head of a parade and claim they are leading it. Be it what it may. I think the emphasis should be restorative justice rather than retributive justice. Prisons should be reserved for the worst of the worst violent offenders. These prisons serve as a place for free or cheap labor for the corporations. Involuntary servitude or slavery is still legal per the 13 Amendment. Let’s cut the number of potential slaves to these places and then work on amending the 13 Amendment. Don’t expect too much from them. We expected a lot from Clinton and Obama and they let us down. I think this will be carried forward through the younger generations in the next ten years.

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