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Bolivia Builds Anti-Imperialist School to Oppose US Interference


Bolivia Builds Anti-Imperialist School to Oppose US Interference

Nika Knight, staff writer

Bolivia's leftist President Evo Morales opened an anti-imperialist military training center this week, describing it as a socialist and anti-colonial counterpoint to the United States' political and military influence on Latin America.


Good luck Evo, but watch your back!


Very smart man, Mr. Morales. I've always liked him, this school is ingenious.
It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. We need this school here.


Morales is a breath of fresh air in a world cast off from it's moorings.

And here in the States and in Great Britain, fear and intimidation with tasers increases.


Morales might offer a course in this school proving definitively that "free markets" don't exist in reality.

For proof all he needs to do is explain that oil stocks have surged 20% since August 1, on the news that the oil exporting countries (OPEC) will soon limit oil production to reduce supply.
Capitalists (neoliberal and conservative; Republican and Democrat) make the claim that the existence of "free markets" guarantees our freedom.
Because "free markets" have never existed in fact, what the oligarchy has been claiming for centuries can best be described as the "big lie."


Paul Wellstone was a very brave man. And he proved it by paying for it by losing his life.


I am not a praying person. But if I were, Evo Morales would be at the top of my list. Instead, I will look for opportunities to support his efforts. I sincerely hope his new school thrives and grows.


Viva Evo Morales. a hero.


I hope he succeeds. If he does, other developing nations will develop the same kinds of military schools.


deckhughes, Wrong you are. Read,"The Motorcycle Diaries," Ernesto Che Guevara, M.D., or watch the film. You will be enlighten, as Ernesto Che Guevara was to the struggle, exploitation, persecution, and other social injustices created by wealthy industrialists, and dictators of South America.in the 1950's. By the way, Che Guevara was executed in Bolivia by the CIA in 1967. Bolivian people know that very well. Final thought, My Mother grew up dirt poor, as most did in Batista's Cuba. Why do think Che, the Castro bros, and so very, very, many, many women, and men gave up their lives, and blood in the country side, and jungles of Cuba for? Evo Morales knows the struggles, and he is there for the people of Bolivia no mater if Washington D.C. likes it, or not.


His target just got much bigger. Anyone taking bets on where the next coup will take place or a plane go inexplicalby missing?


Interesting, but how will Evo avoid becoming those he imitates? I think Stalin and Pol Pot tried that too. On the other hand, Fidel did it and survived.


Poor man. Every rightwing gun nut would love to have his head as a trophy. Perhaps if the repulican wall is built, that might help latin countries unite in cooperation and gain some autonomous sucess.


I finally followed your link to learn more about Paul Wellstone and found that you, Mark , are also a hero and should be watching your back. Thanks for adding truth and deep knowledge to the discussions here. Watch your back.


Nika Knight:
"...the School of the Americas...brainwashed military officers into believing that the enemy was our people. It became lawful, proper and normal to kill people."

With regard to municipal police forces, this sounds exactly like what's taking place many regions of the U.S.


Bolivia has been doing very well with President Morales at the helm and for once, this is one story I hope I do not see in the corporate media, since that would mean Bolivia could be on the empire's hit list for not following orders from Washington and perhaps worse, is making it's position well known, showing the empire has cracks in it's armor.
The U.S. has intervened in Central and South America too many times to count, generally using the Monroe Doctrine as legal justification for actions that have none whatsoever, so maybe keeping a low profile would be best, but then, that is certainly not up to me. I wish Bolivia and it's president well, hope everything keeps headed in the same direction, which often means, away from the influences of the empire. If all goes well, I plan to move there while it's still possible to do so when I retire and for the very reasons that irritate U.S. planners about Bolivia.


How quaint; the foremost purveyor of Zionist propaganda to visit this site sees fit to complain about the propaganda of the revolution. Why don't you go back to cleaning and polishing your gun, or go play on the hand-grenade range or something.


And that is relevant to this story, how?


I looked at the Wellstone murder website and burst forth "Oh, THAT Mark Novitsky... the HERO!" I'm very pleased to have finally made the connection. Guess I'm a little slow at times. In any case, Evo Morales is also one of my heroes. I wish you both long, satisfying lives, because without courageous people like you we'd all be toast.


Cool. Kinda like the Frunze or Voroshilov Military Academy.