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Bolivian Coup Comes Less Than a Week After Morales Stopped Multinational Firm's Lithium Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/11/bolivian-coup-comes-less-week-after-morales-stopped-multinational-firms-lithium-deal


Don’t watch the CIA’s new John Clancy episodes of Jack Ryan in Venezuela if you have a weak stomach.

Watch them if you want to see great propaganda at work.


Corporations only show interest in third world countries when those countries have something they want like lithium or fossil fuels. Stomp the peasants if they object, produce a junta to do it and disregard democracy at all times. Rather than bring Bolivia out of poverty, they want sweetheart special favor deals so as to reap bigger profits rather than to let the poor make use of those profits!


The same movie keeps playing.

Spoiler alert: Poor people lose.


Hi wereflea:
You have that right! If another nation has something America wants, America just takes it, or interferes with legal voting and try to pretend that the leader ( aka Morales) is a crook and the OAS or the CIA or whoever----will take an indigenous person out of his office for no other reason than America and the corporate clones want the natural resource.s for themselves. -----it’s like watching a bad movie and knowing how it’s going to end. : (


Let’s play this out beyond securing the goods. Republican and other players will claim that sure they want lithium or whatever for the lowest cost so Americans can buy related goods at low prices. This didn’t work out in the with fossil fuels. If they had cost more we wouldn’t be in as bad of shape climate wise. And other means of mobility would have been used or invented.
Cheaper lithium? I’m not sure where that goes beyond making money for the miners and markets.


Mmmmmm…, lithium. One of the major resources that will be needed if we are to transition to the proverbial “green economy.” The capitalists must corner the market at every cost, even if it means exploiting the people and environments of “3rd world nations,” and overthrowing legitimate governments (that goes without saying, of course).


If these are the kind of actions we are going to do to “stop climate change” maybe we deserve extinction. Or at the very least the U.S. and capitalism deserves to no longer exist.


What happened to the co-ownership deal with China in the other lithium-rich area in Bolivia?

It won’t go to the miners, but to the rich. It never goes to the people who do the actual work.


Yet poor people vote for the corporate thugs. It’s patriotic and they’re promised ethnics will be kept out.

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Yes we have cheaper bananas, cheaper oil, and now we will have cheaper lithium. Can’t beat the Capitalist marketplace for unimaginable growth and wealth, for the 1%, back by US dollars and military might.
Unfortunately the writing is on the wall, we as a species are doomed due to rapid global warming and we are taking what is left of the animal and plant species with us. Except for sulfur based life. Smells like hell. Maybe that is the reality those not so fictional bible stories are based on.


this is largely myth. poor people don’t vote for anyone very often.
most of the non-voters of this country are poor. and that’s nearly half of us.

And another point about the poor: the few bright slivers of light, such as the SA’s victories in Seattle, have been driven by the working poor.

SO maybe ease up on this one liberal myth. The poor know they have no friends in power as a general rule.


There’s always another story behind the headlines, the ole ‘devil in the details’ one.
Yeah, Evo has flown to Mexico.
The oligarchs will not go gently into the void, American, Russian or in this case, German.
EV’s notwithstanding!

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The coup, which on Sunday resulted in Morales resigning and going into hiding, was the result of days of protests from right-wing elements angry at the leftist Morales government`` Such an innocuous statement to cover the US government actively inciting these violent actions.

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Ha… yeah…lots of shows like that…it is why I rarely watch regular tv…

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I hear you…although…too bad we are not all…lj bnb ing like " the poor " in Bolivia…if we were…we would not be worried yuh ing about climate change would we… especially…not ABRUT CLINATE CHANGE. if you ask me…all that lithium…should stay in the ground… along with oil…coal…uranium…yeah…we should ha e continues on as hu ter gstherers… but. …wishful thinking. Now…we are f’ked

Could you please use normal punctuation? Your comment appears ridiculous because you use so many ellipses. I could barely understand your comment and only read it at all because you addressed it to me. The point of writing is so that others will understand you. If you write in a made up language all your own that no one else understands then what is the point of writing to other people? Same thing goes for making up your own grammatical rules. They are there so that everyone can better understand a writer’s thoughts since speech on a printed page is less informative because it has no discernible emotions like when a person is changing their tone of voice to convey meaning or ask a question etc.


“Corporations only show interest in third world countries when those countries have something they want…”

The same can be said of the US government…or does anyone believe that we’re fighting in Afghanistan to “preserve what we have here” BS? A simple close look at our history shows that such has always been the case…we could care less about democracy and freedom when mineral resources are at stake.

Typical social justice or environmental coated attack on climate solutions.


What is Bolivia’s chief export? Need I say anymore? Where is lithium in the list?