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Bolivian President Warns Trump's America "Main Threat to Mother Earth and Life Itself"


Bolivian President Warns Trump's America "Main Threat to Mother Earth and Life Itself"

Jon Queally, staff writer

As the United Nations this week warned the world's ocean are "under threat as never before" from global warming and other human activity, Bolivian President Evo Morales took direct aim at President Donald Trump by saying his decision to withdraw from Paris climate agreement proves the United States is now the "main threat to mother Earth and life itself."


And that is the unassailable truth, President Morales!

¡Muchismas Gracias, estimado señor!


I’ve done development work in Bolivia over the past decade and seen consistent improvement in the lives of “folks” during that time. An honorable hombre indeed!


It’s impossible to argue that the USA is a force for good in Latin America.



What is your point?


May i express the expansion of Evo Morales conceptions regarding the main threat to Mother Earth. Trump is just another in the long line of authoritarians who wage war against publicly accountable truth and democracy. This is the preeminent enemy of our planet and its peoples.The authoritarians demand the power and license to continue to implement their extremist ideology, whether it is dressed up as liberal or conservative. Since both sides of the extremist ‘center’ continue their war to maintain their corrupted power, the only real solution is unseating this false politics that claims democracy and service to the people while executing the opposite - decade after decade.
Don’t be fooled next time you vote - democracy does not lie in the status quo center!




A mere pittance in comparison with what is bestowed on Israel - $40 BILLION (population 8.38 million) and Bolilvia does not attempt to marginalize, victimize, or eliminate its neighbors.


Tell us something we don’t know.


Little good that did, since USAID were expelled in 2013. I am guessing you also know how foreign aid is tied to certain conditions, so-called ‘democracy programs’ that seek to undermine the current government, among them. Foreign aid is never free.


What is a “patron”?


Sure shows how idiot the United States went after 1980. I’m sure whatever fucking huge percent of the U.S. population will just blow this off because it it from “lowly” Bolivia, since that’s the way so many still think in this country. Sitting on their fat asses, not voting or voting for Trump.
Thank God. I’m really glad Morales did this. As our little prissy war monger said, “bring it on.” Bring it on indeed you miserable evil souls who think you can get away with this.


The article calls the educators uninformed and "serving the posers that be’ because that don’t believe the unfounded fake-beliefs of the articles author. Fort example they don’t believe that humans will be wiped out within 50 years.


That is not exactly an earth shattering revelation.
But I have to commend Morales, who is already target of a “regime change”, to have that guts to speak up.


Lately there have been quite a few and calling themselves “patron”, as in “donor”. Some posters have flagged them as spam and you will note they usually sign up to post on a particular thread. Always to undermine current discussions.


Note how recently they signed up…


"Every year … jungle [cocaine] laboratories send more than 20 million liters of toxins into the nearby tributaries that feed the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. Affected waterways are almost entirely devoid of many species of aquatic plant and animal life.”
John WaltersUS Drug Tsar 2002.

Yes Mr. Walters, you ignorant slut. A pox upon thee for spearheading the effort to deny essential human rights to all living in the USA, and the world beyond.

What’s the value of clean river bounded by self sustaining forests not trashed, leveled, by cocoa growers and poisoned by Monsanto —all of it due to the Worldwide USA War on Drugs?


I thought it was closer to $80 Billion, since 1948, that is. But, if they can’t audit the DoD, who really knows? Another hole to throw $$$ into, imo.
And, if you read the article posted kajsa52; oh man, we appear to be greenwashing the already brainwashed general population. Our tax dollars not at work, yet again. The light at the end of the tunnel, leads to another tunnel.
Evo Morales is truly brave. Trump is off his rocker, for sure. That spells real potential trouble. But, first comes Iran. Then Venezuela after that.
They do have a plan.


Patron is derived from Spanish, where is means ‘boss’. In America it has often been used as a synonym for ‘supporter’ e.g. as in the case of guests or customers in the hospitality industry as well as in ‘patrons of the art’, as Giovanna has already pointed out.


You pull out the most controversial point and the most speculative, to diminish the entire article. Did you even take the test and answer the questions? I did and learned something. Try it, as an exercise.
Some of them are old news, but they’re not all fake news. Inconvenient truths, you don’t care for, possibly?