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Bolsonaro Government Reveals Plan to Develop the ‘Unproductive Amazon’

Bolsonaro Government Reveals Plan to Develop the ‘Unproductive Amazon’

Jan Rocha
  • Bolsonaro administration Chief of Strategic Affairs Maynard Santa Rosa last week announced new Brazilian mega-infrastructure projects that include a dam on the Trombetas River, a bridge over the Amazon River, and an extension of the BR-163 highway from the Amazon River through 300 miles of rainforest to the Surinam border.
  • Santa Rosa, a retired general, said that these Amazon biome infrastructure projects had as their purpose the integration of what he called an “unproductive, desertlike” region into “the national productive system.”
  • The Trombetas

Providing diversity and resiliency to life on earth is “unproductive”? Financial fascism is much worse than unproductive; it is counterproductive or better yet just downright devilishly motherfuckingly destructive. “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10)


Unproductive? Just the sort of right-wing private profits BS we all feared from bolsonaro. Kill and/or displace all the indigenous tribes to steal their lands. Pollute and cause plant and animal extinctions on a vast scale. Destroy any chance of potential for all the unknown plants for medical research. Further destroy the living “weather engine” the Amazon - The Emerald Forest - was and still in part remains.…a world heritage area that if cut, burned, polluted to “develop” (read more palm-oil plantations that destroy the diversity of nature) to become “productive” is a lie and typical right-wing corporate capitalist con to steal the people’s resources for private profits that will have vast negative consequences for the entire planet! And the scumbag will be entrenched for years before Brasil’s people can vote his corruption out!


“…pave paradise and put up a parking lot…” Joni
Julia Fordham (Porcelain) Genius

“The Amazon has a population of 10 million people living below the poverty line.”
Of course they’re living below the poverty line, most are indigenous people who have lived off the Amazons jungles for generations, and most want to keep it that way. They don’t want to live what we know as a modern lifestyle. They also help protect the regions ecology as best they can, by doing so, protect the air we breathe. When the Amazon Jungle falls, so will we.


Of course, to head this destruction is why Bolsonaro was put in place.

Can we doubt that the judgement of productive here involves money in somebody’s pocket, nothing else?

We have to replace the Western system of considering value as a function of units of currency. Of course this involves replacing our current “leaders” with people unlike those whom we have elected in the past. Of course it also means replacing capitalism, and more than that.

At the moment, at least within the United States, the population has only a very marginal control over the electoral process; the ruling class barely manages to even lie in ways that cater to their electorate.

We have to act independently of government and of the global economy, and contrary to it. We need to arrange local supply, or we will buy products from a collapsing Amazon, however we describe our politics.

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Saving the planet has to be a coalition event. Going it alone won’t get it done

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Too bad it’s not Bezos’ Amazon getting clearcut, burned, and pillaged rather than the real thing. Maybe if someone were to put a bug in Bolsonaro’s ear and told him that the Amazon to raze is located in Seattle…that’s where the BIG BUCK$$$ are to be found!!! Maybe that way we could get rid of two pests with one shot of Raid.