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Bolsonaro Is a Threat to Brazil’s Democracy

Bolsonaro Is a Threat to Brazil’s Democracy

Eugênio Bucci

Lying is on the rise in Brazil.

Right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro bets on historical forgeries and frauds to discredit the fundamental values ​​of our civilization — such as human rights, freedom, and the rule of law — and thus strengthen his ideology of intolerance. Democracy is at stake, though some still try to deny it. Through his absurd fabrications, the president works to broaden his supporters’ fanaticism and pave his way toward open authoritarianism.

Two recent examples show how Bolsonaro works.

Grande irmão (That’s how to say Big Brother in Portuguese, in case you were wondering.)

Bolsonaro is a threat to Amazonia and its indigenous peoples and thus a threat to the entire world. Once the Amazon was the “weather engine” of the Earth, especially North America, but with deforestation for palm oil plantations (as elsewhere around the globe) the Amazon is threatened as never before; a stabilizing natural phenomena burned, poisoned and colonized to death… The native genocide will expand under the fascist exploitation, the tribes exterminated to have their lands stolen, and Earth will lose its bio-diversity beyond the already stark reality of extinction and loss of habitat; the vulture capitalist model destroys the future.


OK. I believe you. But let us not do another Venezuela!!!

The big problem with this other-wise good plan, who’s going to enforce it? The UN is scared to death of the US, and right now the US government supports Bolsonaro.

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These are dangerous times everywhere on earth. Fascism is ascendant in too many countries to count.

And yes, as absurd as it sounds, Trump is a global "prophet of universal ‘conservatism’ " [please Sr Bucci - the proper term is “fascism”]. Many of the reactionary “Yellow Vests” of Canada love him.

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