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Bolsonaro of Brazil: Slayer of the Amazon

Bolsonaro of Brazil: Slayer of the Amazon

Vijay Prashad

In Memory of Chico Mendes (1944–1988)

Fishing with Testosterone

In January 2012, Jair Bolsonaro was arrested for fishing inside the Tamoios Ecological Station. This station is an ecological preserve where fishing is an environmental crime. He was indicted by IBAMA—Brazil’s Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources—and charged with a fine of R$10,000. Bolsonaro was angry. He claimed that he was a victim of political persecution.

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Since the discovery of Brazil the forests have been devastated. From the colonial period till the current republican period, all governments are complicit over the illegal deforestation of forests in Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro was just elected. He will start his government next year. Of course he will do the same as all predecessors.

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We know the surface of the earth is blanketed with life and that life depends on it’s lungs, the Amazon rain forest. By killing the rain forest we commit world wide murder and this man Bolsonaro is a murderer.
In what country are the elections even real anymore? No one wants to be murdered.

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We should send Zena Warrior Princess & other Amazons to slay Bolsonaro, Trump, Netanyahu & other world leaders like them.:grinning::grinning:

We have here the next phase of what began with blunders of Progressives creating fitrst Trump, now Bolsonaro.

Attacking our religious allies with support of LGBT and other antireligious beliefs forces them to support these right wing wacko belief packages for their own protection.

It might be a blessing in disguise, however. Bolsonaro has made a specific threat to all other nations regarding his intended attack on the Amazon basin world resource. You could argue that Trump has already done this in similar areas, and this may be true.

But Brazil could be forced to refrain from enacting its threats by potential use of military force with less far reaching global impacts. It was “only a rumor” back in the 70s that Canadian troops were preparing to cross the border to shut down US industrial facilities endagering Canadians. Funny thing, though, shortly after that we got the EPA, signed into law by NIxon, no less!

There are some bright spots like Trudeau in Canada. We do need to learn our lessons though and not shoot vourselves in our feet with attacks on our religious allies.