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Bolsonaro’s Revisionist History of Brazil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/14/bolsonaros-revisionist-history-brazil

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Humanity has struggled as to whether it is better to subjugate itself to a Waring blender approach to society or a continuing of the balkanization of Peoples. Probably neither approach is sustainable nor moral given the fact the no true frontier remains on this planet. A new paradigm, far beyond my understanding is required. Black and white thinking must yield for a better day.

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Here’s another great work showing the tenacious struggle of Black Brazilians to fight for and maintain a free and independent nation founded by folk who liberated themselves from enslavement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-z0M-vcCB4


Bolsonaro is applying Goebbels playbook just like the GOP did in the US during the 1980s…repeat revisionist history myths so often that nobody has the opportunity to dispute them and then they become facts.

Recall the GOP’s myth about US military personnel being spit on after their return from Viet Nam despite no documented incidents ?

For more than three years the US media counts the number of daily lies emanating from the POTUS and that is totally normalized. Bolsonaro is anxious to reach that stage of fascism in Brazil.


I remember Paulo Freire being one of my inspirations as a beginning teacher years ago in a very low income area of CA. Not surprsing that Bolsonaro would rather not have learners become active and critical thinkers. Those are always the first to go with any dictator.


Don’t eat the Frenchman, eat the rich.