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Bolsonaro's 'Disastrous' Policies on Amazon Led to Fires, Say Observers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/22/bolsonaros-disastrous-policies-amazon-led-fires-say-observers

“I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe…”

Eric Garner, 2014
Amazonia, 2019


Not seeing the forest for the greed


The Human Species, 20XX


The human species is a mass extinction juggernaut, led by monsters such as Bolsonaro. There’s are a worldwide cabal of monsters who glory in accelerating anthropogenic mass extinction.
Notice that nobody ever mentions that Duterte is doing to Mindanao what Bolsonaro is doing to the rainforest and what Trump is doing to our public lands and environmental regulations.
Notice also that political “leaders” who most hate the environment are also the most right-wing and brutal regarrding domestic social and economic policies. They all hate LGBTQ, women’s reproductive rights, the rule of law. They’re all pro-war, pro-repression, pro-fascist.
As Earth First! and Derrick Jensen warned decades ago, there will be a final battle between humans who love the biosphere and humans who want to consume it.
Every one of us is choosing sides with every decision we make.


with the Amazon burning, glaciers melting, coral reefs dying, extreme weather increasing, water insecurity increasing, religious and ethnic extremism all around, and some key governments in the hands of monsters, perhaps we are in the fist stages of the collapse of civilization. Or maybe not, the establishment is finally taking note, even the very pro-business Economist had a cover story on the death of the Amazon.


If the biosphere consumers prevail, as they seem to be, then there’s absolutely no hope for survival, & our extinction & the extinction of the vast majority of extant species will come swiftly.

I wonder if Brazilian support for Bolsonaro will be as stubbornly persistent as Trumpster support for Trump has been. In other words, are there as many ignorant, gullible & malevolent Brazilians as there are Americans?