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Bolstered by Polls, Fundraising Haul, Sanders Surges Forward into Wis. Primary


Bolstered by Polls, Fundraising Haul, Sanders Surges Forward into Wis. Primary

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With boosts from a massive fundraising haul and new poll results, Bernie Sanders is harnessing energy with the Wisconsin primary days ahead.


With whom do I want to talk? Bernie or Hillary? No Brainer...


Open panic at the DNC and in the boardrooms of Wall Street and Big Media as they are all-in on foisting this dog on the country whether we want her or not.

With all their combined corruption and might they may still pull Bernie down, but if so they will field a smoking heap of ash in November instead of a candidate.

Good luck with that.


(With a tip of the hat to GoebbelsSez...)

Seth Abramson Sez:
The race as it is being reported therefore bears no relation to the race as it is.

It's fun seeing the corporate media's hapless uselessness being revealed on a massive scale.

Who knows? Maybe item nr. 37 of the Sanders presidency could be the return of the Fairness Doctrine?


I witnessed a breathtaking show of support for Bernie Sanders while driving through Vernon, Iowa and Dane counties in Wisconsin yesterday. This is the antithesis of the type of “support” that goes toward the HRC campaign (i.e. 35,000 a plate fundraisers).

Working people, farmers, people with small businesses, people living off the land------many at poverty level barely able to make ends meet.

There were countless huge, hand made signs fronting the homes, farms, businesses that I saw during my 3 + hour road trip. I’ve never seen (in my several decades here on earth) anything like this nor felt a stirring in my soul at the outpouring of support for Bernie Sanders and this movement.


Excellent point. I like to think a President Sanders will be open to the idea of a non-binary version all by himself, but if not, let's remind him...


If the rampant corruption in the democratic party manages to " pull Bernie down", then I say they deserve to lose to Trump!


I second that, win or lose, it is essential for the outcome of the convention, that as many of Bernie supporters as possible be mobilized, because the final decision of the nominee will be made there


It's a truism that power concedes nothing without a demand. People are going to have to demand a Sanders nomination or it will not happen. End of story.

His program is too threatening to the powerful, who like things the way they are now, and who are counting on Hillary to continue the status quo.


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I agree. If you look at what happened in the Democratic convention of 1968, that could also happen at the 2016 convention in Philly.

One thing I would like to see is a petition with several million signatures that could be presented to the delegates at the convention, that stipulates we will not vote for Hillary under any circumstances!


Excellent advice.


If you are a physiatrist, it would be more interesting to talk to Hillary.


Yes, yes again. Hillary will not get my vote under any condition if Sanders having earned it legally is kept from the nomination based on dirty tricks.

Then Jean Stein will get thousands of votes.


It seems that the more people learn, the more they support Sanders. Still, for a chunk of the country, a key issue remains swept under the carpet: our poverty crisis. Not just our low-wage problem, but our actual poverty crisis.

Sen. Sanders used to speak out powerfully about the need for legitimate poverty relief programs (lessons learned from previous generations). Reality remains that not everyone is able to work (health, etc.) and there are rarely enough jobs for all. This issue was dropped with the Clinton administration. Ignoring poverty didn't make it go away, and our own 20 Century history shows why it's impossible to save/rebuild the middle class without shoring up the poor.

So -- does Sen. Sanders currently have a plan for addressing poverty, beyond another eight years of calling for jobs? I don't know. Calling for jobs is good, though I would suggest that we also need to impose financial disincentives on shipping jobs out. In the meantime, what should we do about the jobless poor? I think Sen. Sanders is still receptive to legitimately addressing poverty, as was President Obama, but it appears that much of the country is weirdly unaware of how severe and hopeless US poverty is today.


Intriguing article...a must read. Does anyone know just when Washington state will update number of pledged delegates assigned? That's important stuff while media focuses on total numbers. Makes a diff too in upcoming voters' minds as they calculate possibility of each candidate to win. Thanks.


Where? (I'm a life-long Wisconsinite.) Think about the state's voting choices. From Thompson in the 1980s to Walker today, WI has chosen right wing politics -- and it shows. Most of our family-supporting manufacturing jobs, as well as our outstanding family farms, are long gone. Yet, this is what WI keeps choosing.


Caroline-A correction (maybe)- there was a $350,000 a plate not $35,000 dollar fundraiser Secretary Clinton had with George Clooney the other night, or maybe you're talking about a different one? And thanks for the good news from Wisconsin.


Tom Johnson: Have already sent Tim Canova some money. We have to get rid of that Wasserman-Shultz thug...will try to support all of the Bernie Team. I think Zephr Teachout in New York is another TEam Bernie candidate...I think you can google for members...


Yes, I would not wish to see another 1968 Chicago. Thanks.