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Bolstered by Trump Tax Scam, Number of US Corporations Paying 'Not a Dime' in Federal Taxes Doubled in 2018


Bolstered by Trump Tax Scam, Number of US Corporations Paying 'Not a Dime' in Federal Taxes Doubled in 2018

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A new analysis out Thursday shows that tax policy under the Trump administration is benefitting large corporations to such a degree that twice as many large companies will pay nothing in federal taxes for 2018 compared to the previous year.



In the Roman Empire and during the Middle Ages and the ‘Ancien Regime’ of Louis the XIV the rich paid no taxes. Guess who did? As do you by the way.



It is time to TAKE DOWN the establishment!
How much longer can we accept this SHIT???!!!



It’s time the corporations learn the phrase, Retroactive Taxes Due.



We need to repeal the corporate and top marginal rate tax cuts AND in the process raise them up much higher.

Let’s make up the shortfalls by raising taxes on the corporate elite, not cutting spending on vital programs. Don’t listen the republcan Trump nonsense.

AOC - 70% top marginal income tax rate
Warren - wealth tax, close the corporate tax loopholes.
Institute a transaction tax on stock trading

Plenty of ways to generate revenue from those who have been getting off cheap and not paying their fair share for years.



I apologize for my continued posting of this thought but…

Do you think the Current status quo “Democratic Leadership”, who are all taking bribes from that same list of 60 Corporations, are going to do anything to change this ? There might be promises of incrementalism, but actual change? Not until current ‘leadership’ has been replaced.

Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Durbin, … Theyer going to change it?

Yea I’m in a negative zone at this point.

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I assume they would win at the SCOTUS, and not have to pay arrears.



Elections have consequences. And a crappy voting system begs unfair results of elections.
And if that doesn’t piss us off we deserve it.
Gerrymandering, purging, and hindering access are things to bring a pitchfork to the polls for.



Gosh, with all these corporations making huge profits, where are the jobs?
Looks like the right lied to us again.



What possible logic could be used in support for their position of not being taxable?



You forgot the torches. The right seems to like Tiki torches.



Just having watched the trump’s and trumpettes play the lawyerly games should give us an idea of how this would go down. LOGIC? They don’t need no stinking logic. That’s a Vulcan term these days.



And republicans do everything in their power to make voting lines last into the night. Tiki torches are a good idea.



How about Rocket Propelled Gernades?

Just kiddin.



I hear they work good on black helicopters and Suburbans.



No Pony, now we are talking acetelyne/oxygen torches. The kind you can make secure underground prison cell and guillotines with.



What a coincidence … just like these corporate tax bills!

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Dawg, you’re old school. When the tide turns, you got a job if you want one.

Is this the same year as the one you had? Shame it’s automatic.

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Yep, and we ‘little people’ get to clean up their muck… Think about Love Canal Three mile Island and the PCBs in the HUDSON and half the lakes in Wisconsin… Oh my… and Zuckerberg pays NO INCOME TAXES because he takes no salary… he just has a teenie weenie expense account of 9 million dollars and you don’t want to know what he pays his complicit board of directors…



In this rapidly warming world, the relatively near future will see Catastrophe Climate Chaos and I expect that in such a disaster prone civil unrest unstable civilization that the ancient game of ‘Stomp the Peasants’ will reappear with technological sophistication. As the little people (those most affected by disaster and least able to compensate like having no air conditioners in 135 degree weather or facing pitiably and inexorably lowering crop yields and starvation) are forced into refugee status, think of dehumanizing leaders like Trump and … the ‘game’ will be on in all its ancient savagery once again.

I pity the young … who will someday grow old in such a world.

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