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Bolstered by Trump Tax Scam, Number of US Corporations Paying 'Not a Dime' in Federal Taxes Doubled in 2018


Nope. Mine was a ‘69. Hey speaking of… I was going to the strode for a few cold brews and met a neighbor who’s into building rods. He had a 1932 pickup parked outside his shop that was decked with chrome fender well headers, a pair of Holly 660 center shooter quad carbs…it was painted in primer so not so pretty…yet!!! Man he puts a candy apple red or blue glitter paint job it will be a work of art!!! I’ll try to take a pic and I’m darn sure going to meet my Motörhead neighbor. Hey, change of subject. I noticed you posted some Ten Years After awhile back. I’ve always thought Alvin Lee never
got his due credit as a picker. I saw Ten Years After in concert in 1971 and again in 1973. Here’s what it was like…rock n roll!!!

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Lucky you Dawg. Got to see 10 Years After twice.

Wasn’t it great seeing music live back then. There was so many artists performing back then. Hendrix came to my area at least 4 times.

My first concert in 1967 was “Iron Butterfly.”

How about your first live concert?

Oh, and here’s a little treat…



When I was a wee lad of 10, a man named Jim Hawkins and his wife and newborn son, moved next door to my Mom and Dad’s house.

Jim had a 1934 Ford Pickup. He taught me everything I knew about vehicle maintenance, everything. Even helped him pull the engine once.

Those were the days my friend.



Eye candy.



That looks exactly like my ‘69. Yep it was even black. The big downside of course was everytime you turn the key the gas guava wkuld drop and of course it had to have premium (a whopping 0.31/gal. but hey look at what that would buy then!!!) Hey I don’t remember if I mentioned this but I met a new neighbor down the road a couple days ago and he’s got a tricked out 1930 Model A pickup he’s working on. Got chrome rendereell headers. He’s just got primer on it right now but omg that’s going to be a beautiful ride once finished. I’ll try to get a pic. and send it your way. Oh, first live concert? Saw Johnny Winter with Rick Derringer and Edgar. You’re right, all that great live music and plenty of recreational aids to go along!!!