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Bolstering Call for Urgent Global Action, New Study Shows Microplastic Pollution 'Absolutely Everywhere'


Buy cotton? I try.


Buy and promote hemp products.
A most versatile and useful plant that will grow just about anywhere the sun shines.

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Helen, I have absolutely no connection to the company that makes these things but from past experience we bought one of those Pur water filters that fit on the tap of your kitchen sink. You can turn it on and off so you only filter drinking water. Depending on local water quality (we get ours from the Edwards Aquifer and it’s basically liquid limestone) the filter cartridges will last from 6 months to a year. It takes out heavy metals, chlorine, flourish, sediments, bacteria and other pollutants so the water you drink is quite pure and tastes good. We have a reverse osmosis system now but that little Pur works nice IMO. Actually I have one I don’t need anymore because of the new system in our new house. Wish I could send it to you. Anyway they cost about $40 and they probably have the at your grocery store.

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