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Bolstering Calls to Stop Arming Saudis, Data Confirms Targeting of Civilian Sites


Bolstering Calls to Stop Arming Saudis, Data Confirms Targeting of Civilian Sites

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amid "unrelenting attacks on civilians and on civilian infrastructure" and as a new campaign aims to block the Obama administration from selling $1.15 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, new reporting sheds further light on the devastation the kingdom's military coalition, backed by the U.S. and U.K., has wrought on Yemen's population.


Look, they're buying our product, who the hell cares what they do with it?


We don't need no stinking Morality!


Hi. Cynthia McKinney has an active Facebook presence, and I visit her page almost every time I'm on Fb.

Peace and best wishes.


You cannot mention the sales of arms to Saudi Arabia, which is illegal, without mentioning the gifts of arms to Israel. Both states are creating crimes against humanity every day. But of course, so is the US.
I grew up under the impression the UN and other distinguished groups would step in and stop these acts of destruction. Another part of the American Dream that was a lie. No one but us can stop the perpetual killing.
And all along I thought we were progressing to a higher form of civilization, Ha.


Israel has 200 nuclear bombs according to Collin Powell. They are all pointed at Iran.
Why does Israel need nuclear weapons? Even one nuclear bomb?
We know the Zionists have a Masada complex which tells them that when things get tough, the tough all kill themselves.
But, this is the 21st century where dropping even one nuclear bomb on anybody by anybody can get us all killed.
Hillary was so good at making sure that Iran never got a nuclear bomb, or so she tells us, that she should certainly have no trouble forcing Israel to get rid of its nuclear arsenal.


Selling arms to any aggressor nation, whose leaders attack civilians indiscriminately, should be opposed. Where HRW's equally vigorous protests against the increased military aid to Israel? Seems like it is the who rather than the what that motivates some to protest. I question the extent to which they are making a truly principled stand.


Stop global terrorism - disarm the United States.


Ha ha ha, Hillary forcing Bibi to do anything seems comical. She will kiss his ring and hand him his desires.