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Bolstering Case Against Exxon, New Study Confirms Vast Damage of Denial Campaign


Bolstering Case Against Exxon, New Study Confirms Vast Damage of Denial Campaign

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Corporate dollars intensify ideological polarization while sowing mistrust on the issue of climate change, with ExxonMobil and the Koch family foundations driving the phenomenon through the creation of climate disinformation think tanks and dissemination of coordinated contrarian messaging in mainstream media and public discourse.


Can we go ahead and revoke Exxon's corporate charter now?


Yes, we'll get right on that.


P.S. And next, we'll dismantle NASCAR.


It appears ExxonMobil's tactics mirror the tobacco industry's campaign against the scientific evidence that tobacco is harmful to life. Such criminal behavior should lead to ExxonMobil being dissolved and its corporate names removed from further use.

More importantly, as many as possible of its corporate leaders should be tried in federal court, and those convicted jailed for several decades and banned for life from corporate leadership positions.

BUT, we all know that our nation isl more likely to elect Bernie Sanders as president than to actually penalize corporate leaders for such conduct.


Oh... what a brilliant idea!! I am serious.... now, they have done something that truly justifies this consequence.... LET'S PUSH FOR IT... wish I had thought of it my self... good for you.


Hey, now that is my idea.... :laughing:
But, really, we should, damn it... as a matter of fact, I think we are all... so shell shocked ...at such behavior like these ... and Volkswagon etc.... that we are just all standing here dumbfounded.... when, in every day life, or in other words, in our personal lives, if someone did something of equal, criminal behavior, we could press charges and get them indicted... or, as some would do, take it into their own hands... but, although some are going the route of the legal system, it seems to me, that for a crime so egregious.... we should be practically raving in the streets.... AND MAKING SURE EVERY ONE UNDERSTANDS, the crime that has been done against them..... maybe we are just slowly waking... as in waking the beast......I hope...


I am working on making this EVERY DAY DISCUSSION.... in all circles... I live in and near many small towns, around people who really do not pay much attention to such "stuff".... I have some copies of some of these articles about EXXON.... I'll be making more tomorrow and passing them out... a nice big sign would be good too....

  1. Climate Change Challenges

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Pollution Include:
1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2), 82%
2. Methane (CH4), 9%
3. Nitrous Oxide (N2O), 6%
4. Flouronidated Gases, 3%
Source: EPA
Implement low-carbon energy base that promotes conservation, conversion into renewal energy sources and fusion technology, providing a fair transition from fossil fuels and a “global treaty” to block the export of fossil fuels. How to do these?

(A) Implement the climate protection bill by Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Bernie Sanders that includes a carbon tax on the nearly 3000 of the largest fossil fuel polluters, covering about 85 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

(B) Implement the modest Obama’s Clean Power Plan that pushed for 32 percent diminishes in carbon dioxide surges from power plants by 2030 with the base year of 2005, and requiring a 28 percent of a power production to be generated from renewable sources.

(C) End tax breaks and subsidies for big oil, gas and coal companies. Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced the End Polluter Welfare Act to stop taxpayer-funded $135 billion giveaways to oil, gas and coal companies.

(D) Eliminate and inevitably boycott Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) gasses which are intense greenhouse gasses used as a part of fridges and ventilation systems and are discharged essentially amid repairing of or toward the end of the life-span of these items. In October 16, 2015, Obama organization has announced new efforts to diminish the use of hydrofluorocarbons as a piece of worldwide treaty to confine their uses.

(E) Keep it in the Ground Act. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders, have introduced in Nov 2015 the bill Keep It In The Ground Act, that would bar new leases on coal, gas, oil, and tar sands extraction on federal lands in the U.S. The bill, would likewise preclude offshore drilling in the Arctic and the Atlantic Ocean and forbid the renewal of leases that haven’t yet produced fossil fills.
[F] Expand research and development into climate change mitigation techniques. These include efforts to cut or prevent the emissions of greenhouse gases-limiting the magnitude of future warming. It might likewise include attempts, for example, (a) carbon capture and storage.

[G] Revitalizing Coal and Oil producing regions. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has disclosed in Nov 2015, the Plan For Revitalizing Coal Communities to revitalize coal and oil country, to recover as the “clean energy economy” develops, saying “We can’t ignore the impact this transition is already having on mining communities, or the threat it poses to the healthcare and retirement security of coalfield workers and their families.

[H] Fossil fuel divestment is the elimination of investment resources including stocks, securities, and speculation reserves from companies included in extracting carbon and fossil fuels, trying to diminish climate change by accelerating the adoption of renewable energy through the stigmatizing of fossil fuel businesses. A number of environmentalist and student groups advocate fossil fuel divestment, which in 2015 was apparently the quickest developing divestment development in history. By September 2014, 181 organizations and 656 people had resolved to divest
over $50 billions.

For details, read more: https://progressivewishlist.wordpress.com/


Dear Exxon:
Thank you for setting the bar of criminal acts even "higher" (lower?), if that is possible. And the bastards still walk free.


I'm thinking of making some shirts:

Best Excuse we know of
For the Corporate Death Penalty

and on the back it could have other commercial clothing-lilke logos—Shell, Chevron, Koch Industries, Monsanto…


Wow, I had a great and lengthy response to your carbon tax idea... but, hit the wrong key and it disappeared.... oh well, you wouldn't have liked it any way...
actually, it was not a real plan... but more like what we SHOULD DO.... I'd say that instead of a carbon tax on EVERYONE... we should put it on anyone making over maybe 100,000 a year... okay, or maybe 85,000.... a year... if not them, then who..... a family making 40,000 a year and lives pay check to pay check?.... That Carbon tax would do nothing toward reducing co2.... someone did mention making it up to 70% eventually, within a few years... but, still the upper middle class to the rich ... would still not feel it much...
Why do we think we should still have ANY CHOICES?.... Why is it that the REAL TRUTH is not explained to everyone .... that we are pretty much doomed, UNLESS WE STOP ACTING LIKE KIDS WHO THINK THEY CAN HAVE ANYTHING THEY WANT.... just because they can get it...
All we do is TALK about WHAT TO DO.... and the ideas are not a solution... .AND the reason for them not being solutions ... IS THAT HARDLY ANYONE realizes where we are at in this situation....WHERE IS THAT?.... WITH REALLY NO TIME LEFT...
Tim Garrett's 2009 paper states that CIVILIZATION IS A HEAT ENGINE.... So, even with building out a massive renewable energy system... we are putting out massive amounts co2 ....AND still negatively affecting HABITAT.... for ourselves and other species...
a real plan would be...

this is where we are at...


OH, if you want to still make SOME renewable energy systems.... well fine.. .but, ONLY FOR real life necessities... like for hospitals and schools... for example.... some for home use... but not real appliances except well, maybe refrigerators and heat... AIR CONDITOINING IS ONLY FOR HOT AREAS OR FOR PEOPLE THAT ARE SICK...
air conditioning is a luxury... IF you live in an area that is extremely hot, it is okay, to a point for old or sick or very young... but for example, the Northeast where I live... it is not necessary.... we should be ADJUSTING our activities to work around hot weather... most people want air conditioning so they never have a drop of sweat on them.... they need to get real... actually, sweating is really good for you....