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Bolstering Case for Green Recovery, New Study Finds Lockdown Emissions Had 'Negligible' Effect on Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/bolstering-case-green-recovery-new-study-finds-lockdown-emissions-had-negligible

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But, has anybody bothered to notice, that all of Bloomberg, Gates, Musk, Bezos… geo-engineering, monoculture GE agriculture, carbon sequestration/ offset scams & “bridge-fuel” (reduction of THEIR carbon footprint through scores-of-thousands of leaky, soon abandoned fracked methane wells) is paying off exponentially, delivering a phenomenal return, while we’re all out of work, uninsured & homeless?

Meanwhile, K Street & Wall Street capture the narrative…






And this is key:

even if we lived in a world where the social and economic impacts of lockdown were acceptable, we still need far more serious measures to make a difference—we need structural change.

Meaning that without factors (many times more) of greater change, immediately we don’t stand a chance. Which in turn means, the Neoliberal-windowdressing approaches likely to be taken by a Biden administration, will do nothing but make things worse - just like those of the Obomber/Biden administration did nothing but make things worse.


I’ve yet to see the planet of the humans. If you’ve seen it can you give a brief synopsis please.

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And these atrocities are contributing:




Like everything else we grew old fighting for, rich honkies fought any effective AGW mitigation by buying up all the “ecology,” “alternative energy” & “regenerative agriculture” non-profits and finding ways to strawman, red-herring, GAS light & co-opt the pretty simple, straightforward plan to cut WAY back on fossil fuels, promote efficiency, investigate all viable technology to reduce atmospheric carbon (which Exxon told us ~1980, would be at 420ppm right about now). The notion that this paradigm shift would TAKE energy and would require numerous trade-offs, like sane use of mass transit, appropriate technology, work-from-home, recycling, efficiency; were apparently ignored as not remunerative to the 0.01% while “Big Ecology Sector” needs to promote and monetize “Green” commercial expansion, on Massa’s terms.
Obfuscatory pleonasm ensued, everyone here went CRAZY!


~https://insideclimatenews.org/news/18092015/exxon-confirmed-global-warming-consensus-in-1982-with-in-house-climate-models (Elon coup-ing Bolivia won’t help?)


Muchas gracias Beli T. I thought it had been taken down. Gonna watch it now.

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Don’t take down your photovoltaics, or sell your PHEV Kia tear out any insulation, stop recycling, composting no-till organic gardening, cycling and rails-to-trails or fighting for LRVs… listen to what Michael, Katie & Matt actually SAY? Fracking 1.9 million gas wells, to move NYC superdelegates’ carbon footprint 175mi into PA, is NOT really all that green?

~https://www.postcarbon.org/david-hughes-shale-reality-check-2019/ (Biden’s answer to global warming, is SCARY?)


~https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/01/this-problem-with-fracked-oil-and-gas-wells-is-occurring-at-an-alarming-rate.html (bailing out 96 ancient reactors won’t work either)

~https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2020/08/05/scientists-dissect-the-tactics-of-climate-delayers/#375aea043937 (Climate delayer’s “How To Serve Man”)

Would appreciate your take on “Planet of the Humans” Wings ?

For me it is ‘da best’ !!!

I’ve watched it three times at least - learning more each time - it has to really sink in.


This Green New Deal is NOT the answer, imo.

Trying to re-orient after seeing Planet at least three times.

Since you seem to be a visual person, maybe try this:

“The North Shore” (1987, on Netfix).

Yea - its a surfing movie on the surface, but is much much deeper. The cast includes many of the world’s top surfers back then, some dedicated environmentalists - all of them, like me, dedicated risk-sport addicts.

There is a connection there, hard to desribe, but I’ll try.

Since the Agricultural Revolution, life has lost an awful awful lot at the individual level.

Some of us refused to cave in - and sought a life of feeling.

Turns out that is Da Kine path - the right way, Lao’s “Way”.

Less is More - materialistically.

Soulfully - More is better.



I’m up-voting, but absolutely agree with Green New Deal as a national policy (which, was BOUND to be stomped down by our tag-team kleptocracy). Do what you can, but don’t fuss is EASY for me to say? I’m old and had a vasectomy four decades back. Having worked over three decades as a natural gas pipeline & OCTG inspector, I’m simply SCARED.

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I was in the patch for eighteen years - exploration consulting wellsite geologist - heavy oil of the pumpable kind, western Canada.

I think we need to prioritize like we’re in a war - only essential services thrive.

Maybe space exploration is an essential service - electric cars are not.

But it doesn’t seem to matter what you or I think or even vote.

The system has its own momentum - and I agree that on a probabilistic scale - collapse is now inevitable.


Well; restoring soil microorganisms, tilth, nutrients moisture retention while removing a century of toxins and returning carbon would beat the shit out of imstalling falangist death squads, just so dead-eyed yuppie liberals can be driven to mindfulness affirmation class BY their Tesla or i8, swiping away at their $1,200 iPhones? Dilbit and radium flavored ethane cracking have to be bailed out, whichever clueless kleptocrat gets installed? I’m guessing, you’ve found it every bit as USELESS to whistleblow (on lefty blog-aggregators, about specific travesties witnessed every day) as the rest of us, here? It’s something hard to parody, or satirize… but it’s getting harder and harder to get onto a plane, drive over a bridge or EAT, without missing old-timey QA, QC, oversight and sane regulations enforced by… nevermind, I need BEER!

My wife Underacanoe just made a discovery. There are lots of mountains close by we could do as a family, but even the pathetic Onit bus is a no go these days, Covid and all.

So we are going to have to get a car - a conventional old gas guzzling beater - no choice.

We haven’t had a car for 14 years - enough of this bullshit.

We talk to each other here on CD - preaching to the choir syndrome.

So that’s it - the breakthru was Underacanoe’s seeing we really do need a car.

I drove beaters thru University - we can maybe do it again.

It reminds me as I write this of my many times climbing in the Baja of Mexico. The campos have survived with beaters forever - and I know enough about cars to make it work.

Got a rustbucket for sale ? (just kidding - I think !)

PS: If I don’t get back on a mountain I’m gonna die !!!

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Well… have a 2009 Hyundai i30CW, with 28,072 (highway & ROW/ coating yard) miles on it, sitting in my garage, ~200 miles away (1/2 mile from TMI!) It’s that Kraut designed, Czech built Korean wagon London uses as a cop car; Brazil & Australia use as a cab. We’re not yet quite back to riding MTA or Amtrak. But NYC put three dents in it, before I gave up driving in Manhattan. Otherwise, I’d be HAPPY to drive it up there. Have to stop off Pgh to pick up the Service Six and make a few stops along the way? $6,300 takes it away. No rust, raccoon poop OK? I took out the truck battery 6/16/18.

Nice looking car there - it’s been a shocking day - first my wife switches gears - now your offer.

Maybe I need a beer ?

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It’s DORKY (the new, i30N is worth a test drive) but in NYC, buying a brand new car, I’d never even DRIVEN, from god damn Overstock dot com (TrueCar), 90 miled away, when my beloved 18yr old Altima was about to fall in half. Just the idea of spending that much for a frigging Hyundai, in North Philly, made by communist robots? My criteria for a NYC car was: looked DORKY (Mazda 3s lasted 15 minutes, Infinitis… they’d steal eith you IN it). So, side impact, from a delivery truch: CHECK. Faster than a Crown Vic: CHECK, fun to back up on the sidewalk & u-turn on Broadway at 70mph: CHECK. No cop knows what it is: CHECK…

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You’re the first person to mention geoengineering. How about GE as the major cause, not remedy, of extreme climate events?

You cannot find this site on Google when you search GE, but you can on the other search engines. Why has Google censored this site?

So let me me get this straight. Even with the slowdown in emissions worldwide caused by this extended crisis to COVID-19 the estimate is that it has only reduced the effect of emissions on global warming by 0.01%? How many of you think that when (if) we finally get over the pandemic that governments are going to all get together and say - "We FINALLY get it!! We need a long-term coordinated effort among industrial nations to engage in a replacement of fossil fuels with renewables and clean energy sources while scaling down our enormous neoliberal economic systems and growing consumer culture?
I’d say that when the pandemic is over that we will go right back to business as usual with the usual half-hearted proposals, and studies on what needs to be done with very little effective action taken. I take a clue from Chris Hedges who said that the American mind (and increasingly those of other countries) is poisoned by the concept of more. I agree and I see evidence of that everywhere in this country and in those around the world who have been introduced to American culture and “lifestyle” choices.
There was a wise little book that came out in the 70s (before corporatism really started to run rampant) by E.F. Schumacher called “Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered”. I read that book and tried to follow many of its suggestions. Many other authors have written about this situation since then but I don’t see any real structural change. There are some places that are better to live in but many, many others that don’t seem to have learned a thing about human ecology.
Plus, when you look at the appalling ways in which our economy has been manipulated for the benefit of the Haves (especially this current gangster in the Oval Office) it is quite clear that Neo-liberal corporatism is the opposite of what Schumacher was recommending and what we really need for a viable future.

Between the idea
And the reality,
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow

“The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot

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You are right to be cynical regarding the chances; effectively the command has to be ‘shut virtually everything down now’, and all energies (both literal and figurative) would have to be focused on just getting a system up and running that would feed people in the face of approaching cataclism, while simultaneously reducing (and eventually reversing) the carbon footprint, and trying to save as much of the biosphere as possible. Because remember, HUGE climate change is already baked into the system by the CO2 already present (and the methane now releasing). Will this drastic corrective happen? In all probability, no. Therefore, it is called into question whether humankind will survive. I think it’s already a foregone conclusion about whether our civilization will survive.