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Bolstering Case for Impeachment, Study Concludes Trump 'Likely Obstructed Justice'


Bolstering Case for Impeachment, Study Concludes Trump 'Likely Obstructed Justice'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A detailed analysis finds "substantial" evidence to support claims that Trump attempted to undermine an ongoing investigation by firing former FBI director James Comey


I find it funny how Bannon claims that Corker should resign for speaking the truth about Tweetle-Dumb, when actually the opposite is true — nearly all members of the House should resign for failure to bring forth Articles of Impeachment, and any Senator who does not vote for Impeachment should such trail occur ought to resign.


Mueller can bring an airtight case before Congress that Trump not only obstructed justice, but took part in treasonous activities with the Russians against U.S. interests, and he won’t be impeached. Seriously - can anyone here REALLY imagine a Republican controlled Congress impeaching one of their own? In this day and age where loyalty to party is far greater than loyalty to country or the Constitution? Pfft. I really wish everyone would stop talking about impeachment.

Not. Gonna. Happen.


Why don’t you take up your issues with the authors of the report instead of the CD reporter? Because it doesn’t fit your preconceived tirade.

@Holygeezer, I don’t think Pence is there to inherit the Presidency, but to bring on Armageddon. And I think most everyone in Congress knows that, and they don’t like it any better than you and I do.


Sorry trump supporters
Try to stick to the facts cause just calling people names really is not your forte,

Even though you still find some reason to admire this highly dangerous…?..

We’ve done this before, we’ll do it again
Trump makes Nixon look good
And we dumped Nixon, his VP and his Atty General

So get ready it’s coming

And yes a Republican congress will tire of him too

That’s becoming quite obvious



We the People could of told you this months ago.


The Republicans won’t impeach Trump if they feel it will hurt their election chances in 2018 and will impeach him if they feel it will help their elections chances. They don’t actually need evidence,only conjecture. They impeached Bill Clinton without any evidence. They didn’t even bother to hold hearings they were in such a rush. When the matter was turned over the to Senate which did go over the charges carefully it turned out Clinton did nothing wrong and he remained in office.


Then we need to make it clear that failure to impeach will be disastrous in the midterms. Start with the Iron Stache vs. Ryan. Every House member is on the block, and in small enough electorates to be swayed.


bks … Don’t know … did they ever do an actual count of the crazies in Congress?

But came in to read what everyone else here thinks –

Looks like rats tossing the bigger rat overboard to me.
He may be preventing a smooth sail for their agenda.


This “study” was done by the founders of CREW and an independent attorney, not any of the rats.


bks –

"Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is a non-partisan legal watchdog group working to force our government officials to behave responsibly and ethically. CREW’s mission is to use the legal system to expose government officials who betray the public interest by serving special interests.

Apologies – didn’t actually read the article – too much Yankee/Indians baseball last night.
And a bad idea not to read articles you’re commenting on – !!

------------------- OK … read it –

three lawyers conclude it is “likely” that Trump has obstructed justice, and that whether he is held accountable for his actions "will have significant consequences for the functioning of our democracy."

“Demanding the loyalty of an individual involved in an investigation, requesting that individual’s help to end the investigation, and then ultimately firing that person to accomplish that goal are the types of acts that have frequently resulted in obstruction convictions.”

Russia’s interference in 2016 elections still seems BS …
But in fact believe Hillary herself was bragging about interfering in Chechnya’s elections … right?

"Nonetheless, the lawyers argue that the facts currently in the public record amount to “substantial evidence that President Trump attempted to obstruct the investigations into Michael Flynn and Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election through various actions, including the termination of James Comey.”

According to a Public Religion Research Institute survey in August, 40 percent of Americans believe Trump should be impeached—up 10 percentage points over a period of six months.

I can believe that this is true – and in fact probably much higher numbers – but not necessarily for the same reasons as CREW puts forth …

Meanwhile, when did Comey or Mueller (9/11) become trustworthy members of government???


Lrx …

Came in to read reactions of readers and yours is interesting re 2020 elections …
Don’t know if we really know who is still backing Trump among the public but certainly
looks like Koch, Exxon and every other CEO and large monopoly corporation is invested in him
and has been moved into the administration.

But coming back to citizen supporters, I’ve come upon a few who are very threatening about
removal of Trump from office.

Re Clinton, think the final decision was based on public’s total disapproval of impeaching Clinton
and actually removing him.

What Nixon succeeded in putting in place for the right wing is very much still in the picture doing
harm to all of us today. And that includes the reality that Watergate – likely as one side issue –
was not only about prostitution, but pedophilia. It was a criminal and murderous administration,
much as LBJ’s was.


Tweetle-Dumb isn’t a RePooplican any more than he’s a DamnocRat – even though, IIRC, he was registered as the latter most of his life.  He’s already done as much as he can for the party by appointing so many of the worst of them to key positions in his administration.  The RePooplicans only hesitate to impeach Trump out of fear of his base rising up in open revolt – not out of any sense of party loyalty in either direction.


You are correct, we have a Republican controlled congress. The only way that I can see for congress to impeach Trump is in 2018, huge numbers of non Trump Republicans, and non Republicans actually show up at the ballot boxes in huge numbers and vote for Democrat or Independent legislators. If there is a return of our 2016 apathy toward voting we will continue with a Republican controlled congress not challenging Trump on any issue at all… Can “we the people” get mad enough about what’s happening to show up in huge numbers in 2018?


Hey, Steve…is that your new handle, FTP?


“Since the summer of 2016, the FBI has been investigating Russian interference in the
2016 presidential election. That investigation has evolved and now includes possible
coordination with those Russian efforts by individuals associated with the Trump campaign as
well as possible efforts to obstruct the FBI’s (and related) investigations. At this point, there is no
proven connection between Russia’s interference and the multiple contacts that the Trump
campaign had with Russian officials and individuals with close ties to the Russian government.
In this subsection, we explain the basic contours of the Russia investigations.”…The Report

" Our goal in this paper has been to inform the conversation by collecting the relevant
facts and allegations (at least as we know them) and engaging in a rigorous and sustained
analysis of the legal consequences that might flow from them. In that regard, the analysis herein
is likely similar to that undertaken behind closed doors by the special counsel and his team on a
daily basis. We of course recognize that their investigation is ongoing, and many facts are still to
be determined."…The Report.

A quick perusal of the “Report” indicates the authors assume most of the unproven allegations made in the press for over a year for the purposes of making a legal case for obstruction of justice. There is still no there there. It almost seems they put together a case for obstruction of justice without evidence for the justice that was obstructed. Peruse the Report, the link is in the above article.


It will probably take the r/tp/cons facing immense crowds of irate voters. If they see that it will be taken out on them for refusing to honor their oaths of office we may see a few of them grow a spine and do what is in the best interests of the country instead of just their party and their donors.

Let’s hope that Mueller has collected enough incriminating evidence to bring down several of the complicit congress crooks when charges are prepared against Trump. Make sure all charges will stand up in a criminal law case and don’t settle for any BS pleading to lesser charges or paying fines in lieu of prison time. Take the power to pardon their own own crooked members away from congress and let the chips fall where they may.


You and Psychedelic Chicken sugar coat everything

Tell us how you really feel…lol…me to


too much Yankee/Indians baseball last night.

Good to see you have priorities straight.


And their “agenda” is scarier than he is!