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Bolstering Case for Nationwide Vote-by-Mail, New Study Shows Wisconsin In-Person Election Exploded New Covid-19 Infections 

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/bolstering-case-nationwide-vote-mail-new-study-shows-wisconsin-person-election


How about a citizens’ class action lawsuit against the Wisconsin GOP?


Nicolas Kristolf’s Sunday column provides statistical confirmation that COVID-19 deaths are already 50% undercounted. Trump recently told us that “if you test you will have more cases”…confirming that the tactic between now and November is to further under count deaths, just like was done in the 1918 pandemic and other public health crisis throughout history.

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Hey Giovanna, I posted this link yesterday, but not many saw it because I was so late getting to the thread. The lawyer in the link claims to be a retired 30 year federal prosecutor who has brought and tried many death cases during his career. He makes a strong case (according to him), for a involuntary manslaughter case against Trump for his lack of action to protect the public during the pandemic. I’m not a lawyer, but can’t see where it couldn’t be used against TPTB in WI. as well.

“Trump, Coronavirus and the Case for Manslaughter” - Glenn Kirschner

I’m thinking all of us should be saving any data we come across about this subject, and maybe storing it in a safe central place for future use if this man is correct. It’s exactly why a few days ago I recommended to PaulK here at CD, to archive all of the fine data he has been compiling since this nightmare started.

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You have a link for that column?

Never mind. Found it:

time to call the Republicans what they are–first class criminals and killers for power and profit–which is exactly the results of their policies–they should be tried for the excess death and suffering their negligence, and virus spreading rulings from the criminals in the court(remember the Judicial coup that illegally stopped the counting of votes and installed Bush),and policies(or lack thereof) has brought to us and then sent to jail–period -end of story

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“President Donald Trump claims a vote-by-mail system would invite widespread “voter fraud.””

President Donald Trump claims a vote-by-mail system would prevent widespread Republican “voter fraud.”