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Bolstering Case for Single Payer, Study Shows For-Profit Insurer Plans Pay Hospitals Nearly 250% More Than Medicare

Yes, there is a risk/benefit analysis that will change over time. What about adding the Military to this single payer system, talk about risk pools.

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And Biden does not support Medicare for all…

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I was in Africa and had a mole excised, stitched and biopsied for $10 US. On the other hand, the local government hospital we called the ‘Hotel California’. All three people I know who went there died there. The expats all went to the private French hospital. When I brought our maid’s child there, they were a little disconcerted, but they treated her and it was very affordable, as I recall it was about $20 for the doctor visit and antibiotics back in the 90s. My wife went in for three days and it was a couple of hundred USD and the care was great.

As a side note, their labor laws and labor protections put the US to shame, and I was working in the local economy and being paid in the local currency.


Why I’d actually figured a “public” option would be part of forking us onto O’RomneyCare™ Heritage Dole Platinum® plan? Good for boss-man, FIRE Sector, PhARMA & private equity multinationals, all buying up old Catli’k hospitals to profit from 80 million Deaths O’ Disparity… ANYBODY???

It’s almost as though THEIR duopoly ignored the tsunami of pre-retirement mortality/ morbidity they could’ve cashed in upon? Now, all Trump has to do… is infect them at rallies?

~https://mobile.twitter.com/mtaibbi/status/1307051863393566724 (WHEN they having Yasha on?)





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A “little good” for: FIRE, PhARMA, Private Equity liquidated Medical Systems, privatized nursing home/ SNF/ Hospice and the 1099/ Temp agencies, staffing cheap & charging HIGH. ACA, obviously did very well for whomever taught kids to code patients into ever more expensive, invariably out-of-network “surprise billing?” Which bolstered Debbie’s collections industry, flipping scores-of-thousands of our homes, indentured millions and went largely unreported by complicit media (& if you mention any of the DEPLORABLE nightmare, here: you’re a Rooski commie troll, FOR Trump?)

Affluent Liberals’ equities portfolios benefit TOO, I bet ya?





The bull complaints about hospitals being ‘forced’ to overcharge private insurers because of Medicare’s
lower rates is the biggest lie around. Like unto it is the other favorite, that the hospital was ‘forced’ to
overcharge people without insurance or Medicare because (1) private insurers could agree to more
reasonable rates and 2) Medicare people paid lower rates because they were set by Medicare and
agreed to by the provider. If you had to pay out-of-pocket and not Medicare eligible, you were just up
the proverbial creek. After about 8 years of forking out over $650 a month (single coverage), HA,
about 4 months from Medicare eligibility, in apparent retaliation for my refusal to substitute
a freestanding MRI facility over the hospital for an MRI, cut off the insurance. With a certain degree of
precision, and after 4 months of foregoing medical care lest I incur financial disaster, HA called, basically
said it had changed its mind and would offer to reinstate - but (AND YOU COULDN’T MAKE THINGS
THIS ABSURD UP IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT) they advised that of course I would owe the monthly premium for all of the interim months when I had no coverage - retroactive premium payments - so that there would be no ‘break in service’. Obviously one look at my birth date would have assured them that I was as of that month eligible for Medicare.

Medicare with Plan B and Supplement “F” costs less per month than the insurance, supplement covers
copays and deductibles in full. And the folks who run Medicare take care of any questionable or duplicitous billings. Medicare’s payments for particular services are not exactly ‘bare bones’
and virtually all providers now take them. You’re not stuck with ‘difference billing’ - provider either agrees
to the rules or foregoes Medicare services. For every service paid, there’s a confirmation notice as to
what the provider charged, what Medicare paid (and the hospital agreed to accept) for THAT SAME SERVICE, what portion the supplement insurer paid. Its an amazing system and anyone who’s had
to dance to the tune of greedy insurers and constantly inflating medical costs for many years and declines
Medicare because he/she "loves’ their insurance company is a person I’d much enjoy meeting some day.

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For years US citizens have been told our healthcare system was the best in the world, more lies and exceptionalism to keep the profits flowing to those in our current system, and prevent a M4A system from taking those unearned profits away from them.



I’m glad you survived that transition in your health care, it doesn’t always work out that way. I can tell you that it has improved on some levels and is worse on others. I think what needs to be discussed is that Medicare covers a lot of different people in different life situations. A limited version is applied in U.S. Territories. In institutions it is combined with Medicaid and various other areas where healthcare is not adequate. What most people don’t understand is how to access healthcare, they don’t understand that part of that is at a state level. It is because Medicaid never developed the protections that Medicare has. Or, that M4A completely defunds it and then other levels of care will follow. You must really trust your government to do the right thing considering how well they did with Covid-19.

I hope you wrote a letter to your insurance company and representatives about your experience.