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Bolstering Case to End US Role, Saudis Reportedly Providing US Weapons to al-Qaeda Forces in Yemen


Bolstering Case to End US Role, Saudis Reportedly Providing US Weapons to al-Qaeda Forces in Yemen

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Bolstering the already overwhelming case for cutting off U.S. military support for Saudi Arabia's years-long assault on Yemen, a "bombshell" CNN investigation published late Monday found that the Saudis have sold or freely "passed on" American weapons to al-Qaeda fighters and other militia groups that have helped create the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

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Old news. This dates back to the Obama administration where Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda linked groups were also being armed by the USA in Libya and then Syria. I do not see why this deemed a “bombshell”. Is it a bombshell only because Trump runs things now and why did CNN ignore this bombshell in 2014?

Wikileaks revealed this stuff a long time ago.



This ain’t no bombshell, yo. And of all the countries we arm, Saudi Arabia doesn’t even hide the fact that it weapons to Al Qaeda. It’s openly on display, with idiots like Hillary, Kissinger, McCain, and Graham cheerleading for it…



And arent these the ones accusing Qatar of sending arms to Palestine.



Plus, the real story behind the World Trade Center murders of 9/11 are still being kept in secret.

Hell, we still aren’t allowed the info on John Kennedy.



Since JFK, MLK, RFK tried to stop Vietnam and were murdered by the dark side that included the Bush family no President has tried to limit the major industry of the US arm sales to anyone buying. The combination of climate change and war on site in Yemen, Syria and that area has destroyed the residents or made them so weak and sick they are sad examples of human beings. Today its the coup on Venezuela setting up Trump’s Bolton, Pompeo and helpers to do to Iran what Bush/Cheney were trying to do before they had to take their oil profits and run. Europe and the US now deal with massive refugees on their border which is part of the destruction. Trump’s genocide by kidnapping children and tossing them into camps is only the beginning of Dictatorship the US is trying to make sure happens with all the power and military might taking control like Trump’s friends Putin and the Saudi’s.



Bernie is what I call, even though it may be an oxymoron; a superb con man because Bernie continues to fool so many well meaning progressives even though his capitulation and sell out to HRC in 2016 should tell that to any intelligent person.



And that includes Democracy Now! And CD! Never any interviews or articles that have been published by people like Steven Jones and so many others who report alternative theories. WHY?



While I agree with the point of you’re post, Steven Jones is a government gatekeeper of the highest order, and 9/11 isn’t his first gatekeeper gig. look up what he did to Pons and Fleishman.
The vid. I have is 9 min. long, this one is short. I’ve had trouble lately with the links, so if it doesn’t work, go to YouTube and search his name, quite a few vids. come up related to the cold fusion incident and 9/11.

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No doubt, but the reason I mentioned him, a gatekeeper to be sure, so he cannot be vilified as some conspiracy nut, but he does have an alternative theory about 9/11. Thanks for your reply.



If all were revealed our whole country would be behind bars. For every instance of corruption, someone has dropped the ball with holding people accountable.
We are the evil empire, and most folks don’t even know it.



Yes, many "progressive’ sites and writers won’t touch 911 ( Bill Maher, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky and a host of others that act like it is a total tin foil hat conspiracy to suggest that some things just don’t add up.) If one watches Loose Change (link below) one realizes that if only 1/10 of it is valid the whole thing still stinks to high heaven

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Some person or persons in control can not stand the light of day.

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Sometimes comedy gives the clearest contrast to propaganda.



It make you wonder who is a hack and who isn’t.



We have tolerated our duopoly regimes, whichever is in power, to support and arm the Saudi regime of female oppression/repression, war-crimes, torture and murder and that dynamic must be ended!

We support the murderer “mbs” and trump makes excuses for his depravity and clear responsibility for the murder of Jamal Kashoggi… We also tolerate official support and arming of other criminal regimes, notably Israel, that ignore human and civil rights and much else…by our acceptance we become complicit to the crimes of others! By tolerating our so-called “leaders” depraved indifference in such relationships, we assure the same treatment of our citizens and others by the same sick mindset!



Thank you for the link. I do not know what happened on 9/11…but this I do know: WE CANNOT BELIEVE ANYTHING WE ARE TOLD BY OUR FASCIST, GOVERNMENT!



I want to see the next Bombshell report from CNN reporting on how Israel helped arm Al Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria. I am sure Wolf Blitzer will get right on it.



Yes. I would only add, in control of Fascist, Amerika!



In the good old days, when commies were the main bad guys,things seemed simple,; more “black & white”. however, the the scheme of black & white, there are, almost hiding, many gray tones. So it was with the communists - many shades, from flaming red, to nearly pale pink. from Mao and Uncle Joe Stalin, to Ceausescu and and the like, west and east, the U.S. backed anyone who was anti-communist, no matter how repulsive. Over the last 20 or so years, the U.S will back anyone who can help get oil.