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Bolton, Giuliani: Finalists to Head Trump State Department


Bolton, Giuliani: Finalists to Head Trump State Department

Derek Davison

The election of any new president brings some uncertainty about how that president’s administration will govern. But the uncertainty surrounding the incoming Donald Trump administration is greater than usual, for the simple reason that Trump was remarkably unclear and self-contradictory throughout the campaign. This may have worked to his advantage politically, as voters may have seen in Trump whatever they wanted to see.


Unbelievable choices. The patriarchal death cult is triumphant, the planet is in its death throes. We are the only ones who can stop them and I don't know how but "'There must be some way out of here,' said the joker to the theif."I'll keep trying to find it.


Now that we have the dovish but reliable PeeWee Herman safely ensconced in the Oval Office coat closet as chief of staff, time to set our sights on the state department. While Bolton and Giuliani maintain their sneeringly civil standoff, insiders expect to see a slow developing groundswell of support emerge for Dennis Rodman. Rodman already has in his arsenal the love and trust of the young Dear Leader in Pyongyang and is said to be making subtle moves toward setting a legal screen with Putin. The trick is in not shuffling your feet. He has been fouled out prematurely before, but if there's one thing Dennis knows how to do it's rebound.