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'Bolton Is Desperate to Start a War': US Issues Warrant to Seize Iranian Oil Tanker

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/17/bolton-desperate-start-war-us-issues-warrant-seize-iranian-oil-tanker


These Fascists are insane!


Bolton looks like he’s one bowel movement away from a massive coronary. I bet he’s glad mommy & daddy potty-trained him at the point of a bayonet. Discipline discipline discipline. Thanks mommy & daddy. You made the world safe for manufactured consent.


In the above picture the caption should read: THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE!


Or just the 4 horses asses


Yosemite John needs to be put away - he is mentally disturbed


One can hope.


I know the US is so itching for a war with Iran. With China threatening to pull the plug off US economy by dumping US Treasury bonds by the billions the elite casino house of cards is trembling in fear. They want a distraction very badly to keep focus off the real issues killing America.


“Ryders in the storm”

Guantanamo should’ve been used to house the real war criminals like VIP Cheney, Natanyahu, Bolton, Pompeo, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz to name a few


I hope the rest of the world is on the verge of telling the US to “piss off”. And then I hope the US takes the warning seriously before the rest of the world decides they need to take matters into their own hands. Just as Hitler and Tojo got too big for their pants and considered themselves invincible, the US is well on the way to being deserving of the spanking they so richly deserve.


The problem with the US is that it has been taking the Zionists advice since the collapse of the USSR. The Zionist bankers have been pushing the US politicians to act like the big bad dog of the world since in their stupid view the Russians are down and out. Ignore the UN and all treaties and international law, you are the UN, might is right bull shit. But Israel herself will not attack Iran they want our boys and girls dying for their fucking greater ISRAHELL.


That would have been an appropriate use for the place.

Well…it ain’t over till it’s over!

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  1. USA cannot win any war in Iran. Too many people.
    We had go ahead to invade with 5 divisions, amphibious landings, in Jan 1980 after our embassy folks and others were kidnapped in Tehran. About 6 or 7 weeks later, the attack was cancelled due to Russia. They told us we could not have their southern border.
    If 2019 or 2020 war with Iran begins, I expect Russia to step in against us.
  2. We will have no allies
  3. We already busted our debt ceiling by cancelling for more and more military. Will Americans accept massive tax increases needed for this war?
  4. As of yesterday, money still coming into US treasury bonds as the worlds safe haven. War will have peoples placing their money with the britz, who will be paying much higher interest rates due to brexit.
  5. We will definitely need a military draft for riflemen. Casualties will be very high each week. Think Korean war and Viet Nam weekly dead.
  6. Look ahead to VA disability and health care costs.
  7. Just who placed a derelict thinker like Bolton in power?

A hoot!

Yes, you can see it. It is the thought process of a sociopath.


Piracy on the high seas, with limp assistance from the ickee UK. Pathetic, diplomatically disastrous, and backed up by the most powerful navy the world has ever seen. Could get interesting.

Historically, the signfificant process of which the Iranian tanker story is just a part: Empire is having to drop the (albeit very thin) pretense of bringing prosperity and democracy to the benighted third world. Maybe it doesn’t make much difference. It always has been naked aggression from USAmerica since the Spanish-American war. But now it’s forced to be more blatant. Maybe that means something.


It was Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas casino zealot billionaire, who is the biggest contributor to the Republican party. Most likely he bought many in congress as well.

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With regard to violating the IEEPA, what active Executive order targeting Iran is being violated? Is it the 1995 Executive order 12957? Without an active national emergency, the IEEPA can’t be invoked.

Or until the fat lady sings!!!

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