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Bolton Weaves a Tall Tale in his Venezuela Chapter

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/24/bolton-weaves-tall-tale-his-venezuela-chapter


Good to hear some real facts. American lamestreet media and supposedly investigating journalists did a dis service to American readers. They followed the lies not facts.


It will come as no surprise – as the author notes – when Biden introduces even more brutal sanctions on Venezuela. Biden has been, still is, and always will be a hawk. If the Bernies and AOCs in Congress don’t stand up to Joe DiMentio, he’ll have troops in Caracas. On this issue and other matters of war and peace, Joe sits to Trump’s right.


I doubt that the Pentagon will let Biden invade Venezuela, which would be politically costly,
counter-productive domestically and likely fail on the ground. But Biden’s capacity to kill more Venezuelans through sanctions might well prevail unless the Bernies, OACs and Bowmans stop him.
Hunter Biden for ambassador to Caracas?


Characterizing any Bolton action as “tall tales” is charitable considering that Bolton is second only to Trump when it comes to lying.

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Nice article Señor Flores. You aptly point out the rhetoric of corporate media, the complete disconnect of Bolton from the facts and how difficult it will be to reverse this trend. I think Venezuelans are more aware of the fact that the U.S. is a flawed democracy than U.S. citizens are.
The Presidency is a lost cause. Only two corporate sycophants will be permitted to square off at each other, unless someone to the right of them wants to play the spoiler role. This scenario has been going on my entire life.
The difference this time around though is the ability to offer the public, alternative views for the first time in centuries via the new and constantly evolving world wide web. Network cable news, newspapers, right wing radio and the rest of the usual suspects are still peddling their brand of misinformation, but they can’t stop the proverbial bleeding at the expense of independent news sites on the internet. Once the general public is able to recognize how corporate America is laying siege to 70% of its citizenry, social media could mobilize a movement virtually overnight that could usher in a period of social justice and equity the likes of which Americans have never seen before.
Of course I have no idea of how long the citizenry can resist the corporate knee pressed against our collective necks in our attempts to keep the internet truly free and uncensored, but because of the explosiveness of social media, the moment may be nearer than we think.
In the case of Venezuela, if social media were successful as they have been these past few days in jettisoning corporate sycophants from their Congressional sets in New York and elsewhere, can you imagine how quickly corporate America could be humbled if this trend carried on right through? After all, no sane politician would ever wage war via U.S. military intervention, sponsoring coups or implementing evil sanctions against democratically elected leaders just to satisfy Wall Street investors. Instead architects of such horrendous acts, like corporate lobbyists and bought politicians, would be removed from office at the very least and sent to prison in the most dire of circumstances. A Progressive Congress would prevent an out-of-touch and biased Supreme Court as well as corporate sponsored Presidents from waging illegal and harmful attacks on innocents around the globe.
Could such a scenario occur this November when Americans can suddenly reject the entire Establishment simply by electing an entire Congress and Senate made up of rational and knowledgeable people who reject corporate influence at all costs? If such an event occurred, it would not just be Venezuelans rejoicing around the planet, it would the vast majority of humanity that would be dancing in the streets.

America doesn’t invade anymore, they just drop incredible amounts of high explosives from either several miles up in the sky or else the bombs are delivered with a guided missiles from afar. The Pentagon always supports violence when U.S. troops are out of harms way. Spent munitions = replaced munitions funded by the 99%. Wreaking death and destruction is an end in itself when it comes to U.S. foreign policy.

Good point, but the Venezuelan army is unlikely to crack, so a large physical force would be needed. The U.S. is training more mercenaries in Colombia, but they would have to have much larger numbers and be better led than the (U.S.) outsourced mercenary jokers who invaded eight weeks ago.

Love the optimism in your previous post about social media turning American politics sane.
However, even Bernie has a bad record on Venezuela, as does Warren, and Biden-Clinton
are attacking Trump from the right on aggressive war. So …

Bolton’s book is a clear example of how propaganda works in the United States of America.

Bolton includes in that book attacks on Donald Trump and his competence. People who would not give any credibility to Bolton at all welcome that so read the book. He weaves in all of those lies in that narrative and because the book makes Trump look bad, the typical reader accepts all of those other lies as fact.

Biden, or his handlers, are not looking to invade Venezuela. They have too many projects going to manage it. They are looking for a coup–hence Guaido, hence the CIA plants, hence the ongoing media attention, hence Biden’s criticism of Trump as not being violent and warlike and oppressive enough, and hence the ongoing MSM romancing of this particular Republican psychopath whom they were making fun of as “the Walrus of Death” just months ago.

Yes, one more opportunity to note that the enemy of one’s enemy need not be one’s friend.