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Bolton's Legal Pad Saying "5,000 Troops to Colombia" Intensifies Fears of US Attack on Venezuela

Bolton's Legal Pad Saying "5,000 Troops to Colombia" Intensifies Fears of US Attack on Venezuela

Jon Queally, staff writer

Intensifying speculation that the Trump administration is serious about its repeated threats of military action against Venezuela if President Nicolas Maduro does not hand over power to a hand-picked member of the nation's opposition coalition, scrawlings on a notebook held by U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton at a press conference Monday afternoon contained the words: "5,000 troops to Colombia."

“…it would be good for the people of Venezuela; it would be good for the people of the United States…”
–John Bolton

Sorry John, but you never have had nor will have the People’s best interest in mind. Never.


Looks like note no 3. Any guesses as to what 1 & 2 are?

Unless Bolton’s a total idiot (instead of just mostly), he deliberately let that writing be seen by the press as a signal of some kind. There is no doubt that the U. S. is willing to invade Venezuela to control it’s oil (the real priority, and what this has always been about).

Let me keep pounding away that the only way the Maduro government survives is to declare all opposition to be in treason against the state, crush, arrest and immediately publicly (on TV) execute all of the leaders of the revolt, starting with that little POS Guiado. Those in revolt need to understand that if they so much as pick up a rock to throw, they WILL die. There is no humane way to put down a U. S.-backed coup when we are bound and determined to make it happen. If Maduro is able to put down the treason, he probably does face a direct U. S.-led invasion. We want their oil, and we have always used military force to get that. It’s time to reverse the tide of history, and shame on every Democrat in Congress (especially leaders like Dick Durbin) who are either remaining silent or openly support our interference in Venezuela’s affairs. Bernie Sander’s three-part tweet on the subject was deeply disappointing, because it repeated most of the lies about Maduro, while the only good thing he said was for the U. S. to stay out. No elected official in the U. S. is telling the whole truth about what we have done and are doing to that country. This is as shameful as what we did in Chile in 1973.


The US colonial empire lives and is thriving under the terrorist trump regime! Just like their ally and subverter Israel, the contempt for our own Constitution and International Law are shown as they are thrown in the garbage by both regime’s that openly seek to steal the oil and other natural resources and billions in oil revenue to further their extremist and racist right-wing neo-nazi crimes!

The American coup is now solidified reality, and our nation has lost any semblance of a democratic Republic by this overt act of pre-meditated economic subversion to undermine Venezuela’s economy and de facto war against that sovereign nation…among many other atrocities, crimes, and treason by the trump regime!

All the international puppet states that have “chosen” to serve and support such actions will regret their craven complicity and support for the trump regime and the interests behind it, especially the fossil-fuel conglomerate! All American politicians that support or remain silent in the face of such aggression will also live to regret their perfidy and cowardice to stand-up for our national interests and rule of law!


It’s looking more and more like a civil war in Venezuela, with the U.S., Colombia and Brazil supporting the coup, would be pretty lopsided. Mexico and Cuba might give lip service to the populace, but I doubt they would risk committing much to a losing effort.

The lack of a vocal and visible resistance here in the U.S., the lack of ANY moral backbone, allows these atrocities to continue. Hell, we can’t even save ourselves - can’t even shovel the orange pile of s#!t from our national sidewalk at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The vast majority seems content to accept that, as a country, we are stupid, incompetent, impotent, and doomed. The Empire is rapidly collapsing, with nothing on the horizon to replace it.

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Theft of what belongs to others has been the American way. We get very jealous of the wealth that rightfully belongs to others and by golly we make it ours by hook or by crook.


Yeah and go shave that pegion shit off your face

If all that doofus sends is a brigade to Colombia, they’ll get mowed down by the Bolivarian militia alone. Venezuela can put a half million troops in the field, and 3 times as many poor militia members organized by Chavez over the years to protect the movement.

That note’s going to need to read “50,000” if there’s any expectation of an invasion and occupation.

Bolt-on is a poltroon

I won’t speculate about Mexico, but Cuba’s successful intervention against a US proxy army in Angola, despite being under a vicious US embargo the whole time, speaks volumes about the courage of the Cuban people and their steadfast love of Fidelismo.


Bolton’s first response is always war. Send him to the front lines. Send him on a suicide mission. Get him out of the picture.



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It seems that most readers here are in agreement that the press was meant to see that note. Though I do believe that John Bolton is an ignorant corporate sycophant, I also believe that the State Department has told Trump that the majority of the people in Venezuela support Maduro and that any involvement of troops in Venezuela will only galvanize the global resistance to all things American. Keep in mind too, that any “invasion” by the U.S. will only be a military assault to seize the oil reserves. Neo-Liberals couldn’t care less if millions die in the process. We won’t see U.S. tanks in the streets of Caracas except to protect a newly opened Embassy and their puppet administration. This may also spark a world wide abandonment of the U.S. dollar as the nations of the world switch to a different ‘reserve currency’ which would quickly bring down the Trump administration as Wall Street would crash in such a scenario.
IMO Trump will not send troops to Venezuela. It is not because the Americans don’t want to seize the oil, but rather there is a sense in D.C. that this could backfire.

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During the early days of colonialism in the New World, European monarchs and heads of State routinely got rid of their mentally ill or politically threatening people by sending them off to the colonies with a promise of riches and free land. Maybe we could send Bolton to Afghanistan or Iraq on a mission to proselytize the locals on behalf of the Evangelicals, the NRA or whatever? Tell him that they will greet him with open arms on his ‘ten year mission’ and arm him with a six shooter for protection.

Keep in mind that any measure of success with regards to an “invasion” is measured solely be the ability to secure the oil reserves. The M.O. for the military is to ‘seize and secure’ only the resources that corporations covet. No attention will be paid to the rest of the country. This was true in Iraq and Libya. It would the same pattern in Venezuela.
The U.S. Air Force would naturally bomb any and all suspected enemies of corporatism from afar, but the actual U.S. Army may be able to defend the oil out posts despite superior numbers in the Venezuelan military. The U.S. is probably counting on the entire nation descending into chaos with lots of infighting amongst Venezuelans. Wealthy Venezuelans will suddenly figure out that the U.S. threw them under the proverbial bus as well, but will be powerless to recover.
No matter how you cut it though, an American military response would spark a massive humanitarian disaster there, but at least Trump could tell his base that ‘The Wall’ will keep out all of those socialist “murderers and rapists” from coming to the U.S. Regime change is in order, but in D.C., not Caracas!

That’s why most likely we will use Columbia or Brazil to do the heavy lifting. I would think a proxy war is more likely, especially with the new fascist government of Brazil


Good question but I can’t get my mind to even begin to think like this insane warmonger.

Fair enough. But I’m going to go with my decade plus experience in the US Army in this matter. I know what a Brigade can and can’t do. And I worked with the very best for years.

A brigade cannot do this mission. At all. So either it’s a support force for other Latin countries to carve up Venezuela or it’s the ravings of a moron. In Bolton’s case, both are equally plausible.


Probably little “notes to self”. And as genedebs said in an earlier post it was probably deliberately revealed.

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