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Bolton's Replacement Charles Kupperman 'Another Islamophobe,' Charge Critics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/10/boltons-replacement-charles-kupperman-another-islamophobe-charge-critics

Wikipedia states the Southern Poverty Law Center lists The Center for Security Policy as a hate group because they spread disinformation with conspiracy theories.
I could just as well say The Zionist Brotherhood has infiltrated the United States.

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Oh —the Bolton one had a ridiculous mustache-----and I can’t quite tell if this one in the picture has a dirty face or a skinny beard and a skinny mustache. Hairy or hairless, the republicans seem unable to look normal in any healthy way at all.
Maybe they should try a bald, hairless person next, because this one inspires no confidence based on his relationships with Bolton or with hair----- : (

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The shell game. Which comes first: Islamophobia, Evangelism or Zionism?



Nobody with any morals or sense of ethics will ever work for this administration.

Only ogres, conmen, racists, or thieves will aspire to anything this low.

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“In Washington, D.C. today,” said Kaye, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Trump in a NUT shell.

But Trump loves Arabs. Why would he promote an Islamaphobe?

How many “acting” appointments does this pustule in the Offal Office have? I have never seen a more right-wing, incompetent and corrupt U.S. government in my 71 years. Sure I was delighted to see Bolton fired or whatever he was. He is a despicable warmongering POS with extremist views such as his assertion that you could remove the top ten floors of the U.N. building and it would have no effect on its operation. Bolton has a dead heart, like Kissinger, in that he is incapable of feeling anything for the people who suffer from his policies. Thing is, we can hardly expect Trumpo the Traitor to appoint anyone who is much different. Its just that Kupperman will or already has developed the ability to suck up to Trump’s massive ego. Trump looks for absolute fealty. Competence comes dead last - just look at his appalling Cabinet.


Washington, DeCeit is full of this kind of scum.

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Agreed. And in the next election, 95% of the voting electorate will support the two corporate political parties that give support to that scum.

Or, the voting machines are all hacked, and, may the best/worst party at hacking win.

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Either way, government “…of the people…”, has perished from this earth…


So true. The spillover must have moved to North Carolina.

You want to hear a real “conspiracy theory”? Well here goes: The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the American government is a conspiracy theory.

…Just rich Arabs…

With this interim Kupperman, a Jewish Islamophobic scum as acting United States National Security Advisor, it’s just another Netanyahu wet dream coming true. All the shells in the shell game are fixed and rigid.

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That may be true, but we have to call them out and not let THEM change the blame for their immoral behaviors,and try to dump it on liberals.

While we are owned by the Neocon and Neolib Deep State establishment, there will be no decent, humane appointments. Seems to be all about the same whether it’s the MSM, the CIA, or either political party. People seem not to be aware that we went through this entire thing in Europe ninety years ago. We used to call it Fascism, but now that’s just a dirty word.

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When I was young, someone told me that the meaning of “liberal” as it pertains to politics meant that, a liberal was “open-minded, open to new things that benefit the masses.”

From that point, I identified as a liberal. I was 17.

Now, I find myself living in a time when the word “liberal,” is not at all what it was over 50 years ago.

There are politicians in the “Liberal” party that self-identify as “progressives and liberals” and their actions are so far from either of the meanings of those two words, that I cringe when I think of how I was so wrong for so long, about aligning myself with that party.

Because of this, I refuse to call myself a “liberal” for fear of being associated with all of these false prophets.

For some time now, I have preferred to call myself a “realist.”

Different strokes for different folks, I presume.

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