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Bomb Iran? Pass.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/02/bomb-iran-pass


“…all because Saudi Arabia is trying to pimp the United States into fighting its religious war.”

I understand you’re trepidation Pierre, but allow me to finish this statement for you.

“…all because Saudi Arabia and Israel are trying to pimp the United States into fighting their religious wars.”

No war with Iran and BDS Israel !


Here is from Moon of Alabama. It is scary when Mearsheimer jumps on board.

“John Mearsheimer is a political science scholar who adheres to the realist school of thought.” Continues at:




Israel is trying to get America to go to war with Iran every bit as much as Saudi Arabia.


Hi UnclePo:

O.K. re John Mearsheimer----------has America ever had a realistic thought? I guess, but not about Iran. The nation of Iran has been attacked by America in the 1950s, then the 70s , worked with Reagan in the 80s, and then Clinton focused on eastern Europe then , I think. Then the 90s with the first Bush got into the ME again and o then we go onto his son and then Obama and now Trump. Iran is an amazing nation to have survived all the idiot people running the US. Of course, the Souther Hemisphere has had it worse- Oh well, I suppose sanctioning all the nations of the world, and dissing nations that previously liked us-----I guess as a force in the world , the US is pretty much dead----but as a Farce of the world, well that’s going swimmingly! : (