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Bombing Yemeni School Children for Profit


Bombing Yemeni School Children for Profit

Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J. S. Davies

As if the horrific Saudi bombing of a Yemeni school bus that killed 44 children on August 9, 2018 wasn’t bad enough, CNN reported that the bomb used in the attack was manufactured by Lockheed Martin, one of the major U.S. defense contractors.


The atrocities in Yemen is a tragedy for which the US is fully complicit, but it will be small compared to what human rights observers and the UN are anticipating will be not only the worst war crime of the century, but the worst human disaster (exceeding the Sumatra tsunami), in Idlib, Syria.

But what are we hearing from the left? Either total silence, or islamophobic smearing of all the refugees in Idlib as terrorists and reports from legitimate humanitarian observers of Syria as “terrorist sources”. As Corbyn’s shadow-foreign secretary said yesterday.

The Syrian, and more broadly, the Arab left will not forget their betrayal by what passes for the “left” in the west.


I agree with Pope Francis: " THE MERCHANTS OF DEATH!


Or as those in the CIA call it…“Good Times”…


Indeed, yes this is my complete reply.


Small reductions in U.S. military spending were offset by increased U.S. arms sales to foreign governments. The Bush administration used the First Gulf War in 1991 as a showcase for the destructive power of U.S. weapons, carpet bombing Iraq with 88,500 tons of bombs and titillating American television audiences who, for the first time, could watch war in real time from the comfort and safety of their living rooms…

Which is exactly why the American public, constantly bombarded with tales of how our wives will be raped and our children killed if we don’t bomb children 5,000 miles from us, are apathetic regarding any tragedy in any other part of the world.

Perhaps if we had a few million dead, some of our large cities actually turned to rubble by a fierce opponent, we wouldn’t be so quick to tell our gubbmint officials to “bomb the hell out of them!!!” and might actually start demanding that politicians look for reasons for peace rather than for war.


Have you ever heard their self-promoting advertisements on radio or TV? Oh, but they are the “defenders of freedom around the world” and the “supporters of the American Way.”

Where is my barf bag?


Form the story we learned that the one bomb killed 44 kids. From Eisenhower, we learned that a new horror was coming with the Military Industrial Complex. I wonder how much that one bomb from Lockheed Martin cost?
If we knew then we could divide that bomb cost by the 44 dead children. I think America needs to see how much money we spend on one bomb to kill 44 children. MAYBE the cost per body would wake up people in Congress?



Yes the US is number ONE----the number one arms dealer in the world----the number one killing machine around the world.


An interesting idea but I think the cost of death of each child contrasted with the dividends and profit margin of each investor of the companies, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics needs to be in print for all to read. We know that many members employed by the government extracting large salaries and benefits from the tax payers own stock in arms manufacturing, petrochemical, insurance, healthcare industries and more. Congress will never pass laws to regulate any of the above since it is not cost effective for them.


But Ron Paul spoke out.


From the book The Chalice and The Blade.

The cost of developing one intercontinental ballistic missile could feed 50 million children,build 160,000 schools ,and open 340,000
Health centres.
The cost of a single new nuclear submarine is equal to the annual education budget of twenty -three developing countries in a world where 120 million children have no school they can go to.

America is the richest country in the world .Of whom much is given much is asked.
Is this who you are …is this the best you can do .

It’s all insane, our leaders are insane .Our systems are not working.
Awaken The Species …now that is a book of which our young people can use and turn our world around .


Every time I hear one of those advertisements of the Fourth Reich it also makes me want to puke!


Hi Mary_Grayeske:
Oh yes yes , adding in the dividend would really show the world how insane and horrific war can be. Although, perhaps the people of Yemen could take that cost per death and sue the US for that amount for the deaths of their children! I know Americans tried to do that with 9/11-----------but this is America, where everything has a price-------and America should pay up!


Hi Hemp, and thank you for another reading source…Common Dreams people do a great job of sharing sources. : )


At this stage in my life I continue to encourage youth and anyone who is listening to continue to fight for what we know is just and important. Personally I try to remember that no law for civil justice has ever been enacted without a fight. The long fight for women’s right to vote, consumer protections and so much more can be used as examples.


We are going to go through the overhaul of humanity.