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Bombs Away! A 9/11 Retrospective of America's 15-Year Air War


Bombs Away! A 9/11 Retrospective of America's 15-Year Air War

Tom Engelhardt

On the morning of September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda launched its four-plane air force against the United States. On board were its precision weapons: 19 suicidal hijackers. One of those planes, thanks to the resistance of its passengers, crashed in a Pennsylvania field. The other three hit their targets -- the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. -- with the kind of “precision” we now associate with the laser-guided weaponry of the U.S. Air Force.


Big Pharma and Mucho Weapons are the same with shortages for more money. Moral arguments and effectiveness arguments aside just look at the production of product. Hellfire missles run $110,000 each (EACH). One type is listed at about $65-$69-thousand each and another variant at about $99,000 each. But in each case these are massively expensive rounds of ammo. As with inflated drug prices, the Hellfire is a modular weapon with a solid fuel engine. You can't tell me that the explosive payload. the engine and the airframe cannot be made for a few hundred dollars each. Then there is the guidance system. Again, these should be very inexpensive at this time. The Hellfire started development in 1974 as an aerial tank buster (I suspect earlier because a couple of the guys in a team I was on narrowly missed getting blown up in Nevada in 1970 or 71 [don't remember exactly when we were on that ordinance-range job] at night when they had their headlights on. Luckily the blockhouse spotted them and got them on the radio in time to shut off their lights. Right after they heard the missle zoom past them into the hillside next to them. We thought it was funny because they had to see the local colonel the next morning, early, and they weren't killed, except maybe by the colonel.). So most of the development is old. The guidance system is mostly the same (except for the radar guided ones) and should be easily handled in ROM or other software on chip as well as the servos to operated the rear fins. A couple of thousand at most by this time, although we are really talking about a small-size embedded computer. By now the cost should be only a few tens of dollars for the guidance computer. You've probably got as much or more software in your smartphone.


Fairy tales. No evidence to support Tom's parroting of the official lie. This is unfortunate because it undermines the rest of his article. Expose the 9/11 fraud and you end the wars.


The barbaric US holocaust has killed 25 to 30 million people since 1945. Approximately correct figure?


If Gore had won Florida or even New Hampshire probably none of this would have happened. The Clinton administration made possible attacks by al-Qaeda an extremely high priority. Certainly this would have continued under Gore. However, Bush had different ideas and under him the government was not able to put 2 and 2 together. Bush was even given a briefing about the possible use of planes in an attack. And of course Bush started a way in Iraq based on phony information. Obama was handed two wars and planned to end both, or at least US involvement. It hasn't been that easy. And certainly he never could have anticipated the Arab Spring, nor the disastrous results of the Arab Spring. Everything could have turned out much more peaceful than it did but what happened is now part of history. Many mistakes were made so it pays to study that history and at least not repeat those mistakes moving forward.


Tom Engelhardt always provides much food for thought, but he should stop repeating the Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory/Myth that 19 hijackers were able to evade NORAD and two planes brought down the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan. The THREE buildings - WTC Buildings 1, 2, and 7 - were obviously brought down by controlled demolition, not airplane-caused fires.

See this: September 11, 2001: The 15th Anniversary of the Crime and Cover-up of the Century | Global Research - Centre for Research on G


Your version is the conspiracy theory. It is speculative and lacks convincing proof.


You want proof? Here's some, hot off the presses, peer-reviewed and all: http://www.europhysicsnews.org/articles/epn/pdf/2016/04/epn2016-47-4.pdf


Sometimes I wonder if one of the main reasons why military leaders refuse to give up the Kingpin/Decapitation strategy, in spite of it's clear failure, is because they are stuck in an ideological worldview where leaders are invaluable and indispensable, while everyone else is clueless and expendable. That if they questioned that ideology, they might feel some cognitive dissonance about the way our own leaders treat us.


Come-on Man. Afghanistan keeps the dope supply flowing.


So you mean the official government conspiracy theory is not speculative? You mean that even though the official government fairy tale is so outrageous and has no convincing proof, yet you believe what you have been told to believe by the lying presstitutes in the MSM? Over 2,000 Architects and highly respected structural engineers have convincing proof that the official conspiracy defies the laws of physics. And what more convincing proof do you need than building #7 that was never hit by any plane?


Excellent article, in my humble opinion.

This barbarism that continues today is undoubtedly a product of the oligarchy's M/I/I Complex. But how can people be so inured to the suffering and dismemberment of millions of innocent children and civilians? Profits don't seem to explain it all.

Could it be that the NWO, whose plans include depopulating the earth, feel like "better them than we"? That they feel depopulation by birth control is too slow or not "competitive" enough? From reading about the oligarchy's origins and the autocratic, cruel, ruthless cabal behind it, this seems entirely possible.


This article is a good example of how the 9/11 official myth becomes the rationale for all that has followed. The physical evidence is overwhelming that the buildings in NYC were brought down with explosives and that the plane crashes were a side-show. One of the buildings came down at absolute freefall, possible only with an explosive demolition. Molten iron seen pouring from the South Tower and found in the rubble pile show temperatures higher than possible in fires from office furnishings and jet fuel. Evidence of the explosives used was found in abundance in the dust, and it is US military grade material, not available on the open market.

9/11 was clearly carried out with complicity of the US security agencies and military industrial complex. When people ask why we are still fighting for truth and transparency on 9/11 this long after the fact, that is the reason; 9/11 is with us still. Inform yourself of the science behind the statements made above.

David Chandler, board member, Scientists for 9/11 Truth
Search: Scientists for 911 truth and 911 speak out
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Every discussion of the 911 atrocity begins and ends with the question: Who did it?
The better question needing answered is: What actually happened?
Like the Kennedy assassination reporting nearly fifty years earlier, those who planned this venture took as great a care in concocting distracting cover stories for what occurred as they did in pushing their official fairy tale of what happened. This way the disbelieving curious would be diverted by any number of distracting cover stories on which to waste their curiosity and disbelief.
Whether you subscribe to the "controlled demolition" or the "mini-nuke detonation" or the official fairy tale of "19 crazy extremists with box cutters" these stories run into several factual records that blow them to pieces.

Fact # 1--The collective weight of both of the twin towers in lower Manhattan was about 1.5 million tons. Its foundations were set on bedrock below the water level of the Hudson and East rivers. Under the towers and above their foundations were all manner of shopping malls, parking garages, subway tunnels, and electrical lines.
Fact # 2
That much weight of "stuff" (concrete, steel and all the furniture and other "stuff" that makes up any modern office building) crashing down on bedrock would have certainly destroyed the subterranean infrastructure of the WTC, but that infrastructure survived largely intact as photographic evidence right after the event revealed.
Fact #3
That much weight of both towers crashing on the bedrock foundation should have registered strong shock waves on the several seismographic monitoring stations in the NYC area. Yet a careful check of their readings of that day shows no such tremor occurred.
Fact #4
That much weight of the stuff of two hundred plus story buildings crashing down on their foundations should have broken the restraining walls and flooded virtually all of lower Manhattan and the subway rail tunnels going in and out of the WTC. Such never happened.
Fact #5
Even in the most perfect controlled demolition of a pair of buildings that massive, the pile of debris should have been several dozen stories high and the neighboring buildings on adjacent streets should have suffered massive damage from falling debris. Photos taken in the immediate aftermath (before all the trucks could haul what debris was there for shipment to China) show no such pile up of debris.
An excellent book exploring these and other strange factually verifiable anomalies connected with the 911attrocity can be found here:



"Who did it?"
Look up the biography of John P. O'Neill for clues to the answer to that question.


Did the towers fall from the top down or shouldn't I believe my lying eyes?


15 years of failure, but don't blame the generals and military leaders says Hillary, just muscle up for more of the same. Who do we blame, the tax payers that never wanted the wars in the first place now?


Where is the failure?
The war profiteers have gotten rich beyond their wildest dreams.
Looks to most of us like the oligarchy has received from the politicians exactly what they wanted the politicians to deliver.
Endless war.


Ah yes--I have seen it and agree that it is a dramatic tour-de-force for the single actor who plays all the personas struggling with the official fairy tales of 911. For those who have no idea about that which Imhotep is speaking, go to here and take the time to watch:

With all of that said,I still think this movie is an artful distraction from the more important question: What actually happened to the twin towers (and all of the rest of the WTC) ?


It really is deplorable that with ALL the lies now exposed and the obvious motive FOR war on the part of the MIC (and the burgeoning Homeland Security State) plus all the evidence and testimony of engineers, pilots, scientists and thinkers... that Tom Engelhardt would show such intransigence on this subject.

I could only skim the piece.

And when he got to the religious part, I thought he'd talk about Boykin, the lunatics inside the MIC who believe in End Times, and the way they've actually brought Christian Chaplains INTO the Air Force to convince reluctant drone pilots that dropping live ordnance on civilians is in keeping with what Jesus would do. (Not).

Pretty sickening piece.