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Bombs Continue to Fall Over Yemen As Arab States Announce New Military Force


Bombs Continue to Fall Over Yemen As Arab States Announce New Military Force

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


More war more profit. Wonder how long after the U.S. arms this group they turn on the U.S. oh well profit now worry latter.


I think you mean ‘later’ but point taken.
Failed State, Somalia, really? It is a disgrace that the Palestine Authority is on board this coalition against people who are rebelling against a dictatorship. I wonder what this will do to other alliances including Hezbollah and Hamas, not to mention the Iraqi Shiites. Looks to be a boiling pot that the US is vigorously stirring and joined by eager forces who don’t give a damn about humanity.


Are al Qaeda militants now taking out Syria for America?


Saudi Arabia has been stirring that pot for twenty years. They kicked it off by expelling 800,000 Yemenis after first Gulf War. The Yemeni economy was totally dislocated by this single Saudi government action. Iran has been stirring the pot for around ten years. USA is on the sidelines with vacuous ineffective policies that could not be otherwise as they have little influence and no power in Yemen.


This Arab States New Military Force is as useless as a chocolate fire guard. The “soldiers” are trained to only quash their own citizenry. So unarmed women and children mostly. But against battle hardened fighters like the Houthis, or any of the current ad hoc militias regardless of their allegiances, they will be slaughtered.

Saudis can posture now while they get to throw bombs from fast US jets. But as soon as a plane is shot down and the pilot publicly BBQ’ed that military force will collapse.