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'Bombshell' Report: Internal Memos Show Trump EPA Ignored Agency Scientists' Calls to Ban Asbestos

'Bombshell' Report: Internal Memos Show Trump EPA Ignored Agency Scientists' Calls to Ban Asbestos

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a report that elicited calls for congressional action, the New York Times revealed Wednesday that "senior officials at the Environmental Protection Agency disregarded the advice of their own scientists and lawyers in April when the agency issued a rule that restricted but did not ban asbestos."

No asbestos is mined in the USA anymore (or since January 30, 2019 in Canada where a near-complete ban was put in effect), but every pallet of the stuff coming out of the a big mine in the Urals is emblazoned with a Trump seal of approval (click on the link below):


I am sure at some point some lackey* will come out with the “evidence is not certain and more research is required” cliche.

*probably Sister Sarah

The rumors I have heard are that New York Mayor asked for the twin towers to be taken down because they contained asbestos. They were to be taken down 3 floors at a time. [Rumor] Bush found a faster was to bring them down. [Rumor] A Bush bought them at a discount, insured them against a “terror attack” for more then they were bought for. Gold was removed from the basement vault starting about two weeks before the towers came down. Most was removed. For a long time I wondered where the gold went until I read that across town the United Nations suddenly became the World’s third largest private holder of gold. [rumor] Also destroyed were bonds from the FED that were due later in September. “Lucky” for them. I find the many Rumors interesting.


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Trump bad. Trump worse. Trump worst. Trump (fill in the blank).

Seems like the US is trying to lower health and environmental standards to the level of a third world country in the mistaken belief that it will help boost an outdated and failing economy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The future lies in protecting the earth, not in destroying it for short term economic gain. This is what you get when you are so stupid as to elect a charlatan failed businessmen as President.

It might be very interesting to find out what buildings and government places in D.C. have asbestos in them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell as so many buildings are old, but in the 1970s asbestos was still used in office buildings. Maybe Congress should look up what government buildings could have used asbestos in repairs of any kind. Maybe then, that would help them make a logical decision ------I wonder if any of Trump’s old hotels have asbestos in them somewhere?