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Bombshell Report on Emails About Ukraine Aid Freeze Provokes Fresh Calls for Fair Senate Impeachment Trial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/03/bombshell-report-emails-about-ukraine-aid-freeze-provokes-fresh-calls-fair-senate

The thlot plickens (sic). One solution is to bring more charges. For one Trump’s restrictions on staff testimony obviously are obstruction-add more counts. Emoluments are easy to demonstrate, he and Ivanka and Jared, those two are Federal employees, have profited enormously in their businesses from the marketing(and bribery) value of his Presidency.
Then lets go with the whole litany as described in Tulsi Gabbard’s censure resolution along with Ralph Nader’s listing that was entered in the Congressional Record and cited on this site.
I would like to add child abuse. The child abuse laws only cover parents and caregivers. If ICE kidnaps children then the Feds defacto become “caregivers” and are subject to that law. The easily provable psychological distress caused by the separation policy is certainly child abuse.


Slow walk it, Nancy. The leaks are coming out at a rate of roughly two per week.
The Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman devices are going to hold a treasure trove of incriminating stuff.
Meanwhile, Rudy is incapable of keeping his piehole shut.

In a month, four Repub senators in tight elections will vote to subpoena key witnesses.


It’s real ugly for Common Dreams to be siding with neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Oh, and Obama had refused to send the same arms to Ukraine.


Yes, you’ve hit the nail on its head. But the problem here is that very few people realize that the “military aid” (often identified by the MSM as just generic “aid”) was for advanced deadly weaponry to arm these neo-Nazis to continue their attack on eastern Ukraine and Crimea, with the intention of eventually establishing more bases along the Russian border where nuclear missiles could be positioned, plus the wild U.S. idea that it could relieve Russia of its only warm water submarine port at Sevastopol.

The reason the Pentagon and the Permanent/Deep State were against withholding this aid is that withholding was against their imperial war plans.

In my book, everyone who was against this withholding of “military aid” to the Ukraine neo-Nazis is an imperialist warmonger.


While Trump (I am not a Trump supporter) may have withheld aid (albeit yet to be determined), where is the investigation of Joe Biden demanding the removal of a Russian prosecutor involved in his son’s Russian case in order to receive US aid amounting to one billion dollars? Face it. Our, US, governement is comprised of many corrupt officials getting rich in the revolving door of US government to corporate board positions for those in government. Where are the prosecutions? Then we can start on prosecuting our war criminals!


So are you siding with Obama?

I agree with your assessment on this Tank. It makes no sense charging into the lions den with a chair and no whip.


I invite you to read another perspective other than Rudy and FoxNews’s:

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If you want to go after Obama or the Biden’s for something go for it. But trump has tried to conflate the his crooked scheme with something unrelated. A simple mind creating a simple dodge.


You’re not going to find much agreement here on this site. Most appear to believe Joe Biden is a baby-faced innocent and should not be investigated. I vehemently disagree.

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James Risen is a corporate and CIA tool. Laughable that you’d recommend him. The only way we’ll know truly what took place is to have an investigation conducted. Other than that, you’re taking the word of journalists who may have not done much of any investigating themselves, other than reading other journalists reports.

Either what he wrote is true or it isn’t.
He called out the smelly optics of Hunter taking the Burisma position.
We all have.

And we still have no evidence that Hunter or Joe committed a crime outside of the claims by the bullshit peddlers you swear by. The Ukrainians keep looking into it, but have no evidence to prosecute on. Derkach has been making the same accusations for 2 years, and everyone around him regards him as a liar.

Shokin was under fire from every quarter when he was forced to resign. You know it. Everyone knows it. You somehow believe that all of those groups – the IMF, the European Union, many and sundry Ukrainian reform groups, one of which Lutsenko belonged to – were all out to fire Shokin to protect the Bidens. That makes you look worse than Gullible. It makes you look stupid.

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Thanks for the reference article by James Risen. However, I stand by what I quote below from my comment. Corruption runs rampant in our government. Many, including myself, have lost all faith in our government. Endless wars, climate change and infinite population growth on a planet with finite resources deserve real attention and leadership or all life is doomed. Meanwhile, there is no leadership from government. People around the world are becoming ever more restless at the corruption. It is coming soon here, too.

'Face it. Our, US, governement is comprised of many corrupt officials getting rich in the revolving door of US government to corporate board positions for those in government. Where are the prosecutions? Then we can start on prosecuting our war criminals!"

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Yep, political corruption is rampant.

Nonetheless, you should try to separate the two sides of the story on impeachment. I’ve been told that Biden had Shokin fired to protect his son countless times. Yet I’ve seen no proof of that whatsoever, outside of the garbage promulgated by both notable American (Schweizer, Solomon) and Ukrainian (Shokin himself, Lutsenko, Derkach) bullshit peddlers. I’ve seen no proof of a crime committed by Hunter Biden either. Rudy Guiliani has done long TV programs on this and it was a joke.

I say that as someone who is as anti-Biden as they come, and as someone who detests the trading on a prominent name that Hunter used to get his big money Ukrainian position. But Hunter didn’t break a law. I’ll bet you a Bernie Sanders administration wouldn’t permit nepotism like that. But that’s another topic.

One last point. In another thread on this topic yesterday, a commenter declared that a quid pro quo in which a US president asks a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent to gain an advantage in an election in exchange for military aid happens all the time. I asked this commenter to provide an example of such a quid pro quo. I asked three times. he couldn’t provide an example. because none exists. And that’s why Trump was impeached.

Sorry to interrupt your well-justified outrage. Thanks for listening.


Thank you for this article, Jessica Corbett and commondreams.org. A check of the NY Times, The Guardian, and AP at 6:45pm ET Jan 3 shows no article regarding this “Bombshell Report on Emails about Ukraine Aid Freeze”. So often important stories are missing from these and other such mass media giants, and are available at commondreams.org. A google search for <Emails Ukraine “Just Security”> shows no articles by these sources on the 94 results returned, other than brief mentions on the “US Politics Live” page of The Guardian.

You don’t know what I know, although you appear to think you know everything as clearly as if you investigated the issue yourself. My bet is you haven’t read a 10th of the material I’ve posted, because, either you missed those posts, or you automatically accept anything that excuses Biden’s actions and don’t want to consider his wrongdoing.

Biden without doubt, violated two sections of the Executive Branch Code of Ethics Regulations by continuing to interact with the Ukraine government when his son was on the Burisma board. Subject to those federal regulations as Vice President, he was required to step out of that position…he should have had no further interaction with the Ukranian government, especially as with regard to Shokin, who was investigating Burisma, so don’t try to tell me he’s squeaky clean. That definitely shows that you are stupid.

And, don’t tell me he didn’t know his son was on the Burisma board. That’s stupid.

Just what I have said. What Trump did and what Biden did (same, yet different if one reads the whole story) are two separate incidents. Biden has no place in the impeachment trial. He is just another distraction from Trump’s never-ending criminal behavior.

Agreed sending arms to the Kiev Ukrainians is bad news; but the bribery or coercion issue is Trump going after Biden(agreed also no saint) using Zelensky. This is common in foreign affairs for the benefit of policy, but not for the personal political ambitions of the pol.
If Trump had any brains-not- he could just hire a private eye to snoop out pal Joe. Just his public record well illustrated is enough to sink him, just think about what some behind the scenes snooping could do.

The last sentence of your post is comical.

The Risen article is entirely about Hunter being on the Burisma board, Gully.