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'Bombshell Revelations' Point to Ongoing Poisoning of Grassy Narrows People


'Bombshell Revelations' Point to Ongoing Poisoning of Grassy Narrows People

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An investigation by environmental volunteers and The Toronto Star has uncovered the "bombshell revelation" that soil surrounding an old paper mill is contaminated with mercury, amounting to what many are calling a "smoking gun" in the ongoing poisoning of the Grassy Narrows First Nation community.


Fuck Domtar. What an attitude, that being suprised someone dare distrub their "private property".

Now the taxpayer will have to pay for this even as the "investor class" has profited off the same.


Wouldn't it be logical to legislate a litmus test designed to distinguish between "investor class" and "parasitic class" and establish unquestioned consequences in cases of the latter?


This is great news. America isn't alone in poisoning Natives.


Voices of logic and reason seem to be scarce these days, wherever we look.


The French established unquestioned consequences for their parasitic class living it up in Versailles, secluded away from the suffering of the poor and working class. Seeing as how political representation doesn't exist here, we will have no choice but to eventually follow suit. I won't be sad seeing them led to the scaffold.


Whether it is Liberals or Conservatives, the story of corporate domination of politics continues.
Meanwhile, the people pay dearly for the costs and the suffering while politricks continues its dark, authoritarian farce. People die because of this extremism, yet voters put these criminals back in power again and again. They call it a centrist democracy!!!!!!!
Wakey wakey.


Where is that little centrist weiner Justin Trudeau? - has he called for or supported an investigation and clean-up?...........Didn't think so!


Mercury bombshell in the USA is the use of mercury silver amalgam in the MOUTH. With dentists forbidden by the American Dental Asssociation to educate the public regarding the matter. And little training about how to safely remove or replace them. Chewing on mecury every day for years.

Mining in the US, New Mexico laws make it hard for miners to do anything wrong. After getting out a permit to mine, no further permits are required by the company for any future exploration.

I lived downstream from a mine in New Mexico a few years ago.. Water looked good in the stream, but the dog wouldn't drink it and all the deer looked sickly.


One thing I do not understand... is how these "elites"... can allow the total degradation of our ATMOSPHERE/STRATOSPHERE.....from the consistent release of radiation from Fukashima.... open uranium mining pits and any other source of uranium /plutonium.... use.... some of them, at least must know that the particles are floating around in the stratosphere.... and in our troposphere.... etc.... there fore...ANYONE CAN BE AFFECTED..... so... are they really that dumb?


It is impossible to clean up the Wabigoon river. One hope i would have is that natural bacteria are on the job & I am sure that they are. It is nature.
Any effort to clean up a river of toxic sludge that goes for many miles would only create further problems. If those demanding a cleanup don't realize this they must have had their head in the sludge. And we won't even talk about the potential cost.
And yes i have been on the river ( late 60's)