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'Bombshell': Thanks to Corrupt Tax Code, Trump May Have Not Paid for 18 Years


'Bombshell': Thanks to Corrupt Tax Code, Trump May Have Not Paid for 18 Years

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid the ongoing political uproar over Donald Trump's undisclosed tax records, the New York Times dropped a bombshell late Saturday when it reported that, due to a staggering loss of $916 million in 1995, it is possible that the Republican presidential nominee has not payed taxes in nearly two decades.


Bigger deal to me is his business savvy, as he likes to imagine himself to have. He lost a ton of money. Then, he had to peddle in whatever he could to keep himself afloat, and cheated and lied to retirees and investors along the way, trafficking his "big" name.


Common Dreams:

"He stiffed small businesses, laid off workers, and walked away from hardworking communities. And how did it work out for him? He apparently got to avoid paying taxes formerly two decades—while tens of millions of working families paid theirs," said Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. "He calls that 'smart.'"

Trump is a terrible candidate - obviously has no respect for business ethics, nor respect his employees (rights). No wonder why he is being sued again i.e. - .Source

I won't be voting for Trump or Hillary, and Johnson policies are of grave concern.

I support Jill Stein. Respect for the environment and all of life.


Giuliani said this AM that if Trump didn't take the deduction his investors could have sued him.

Michael Moore said this AM that Trump is like a Molotov Cocktail thrown at the system by the millenials who have been victimized by it.

Ya know, I think they're both right. If the Bush Crime Family and other Republicans are against Trump, how bad can he be?

I can't vote for either candidate. Stein gets my vote and let the chips fall where they may.

Direct Democracy.


Let's hope so. Exposing the core corruption of Congress and Wall St. is at the heart of all our problems, " stranded costs ", etc. Their copulating in the offices of the I.R.S. and throughout the Depts. of the Federal Gov't . is the real " political porn ", here in the 21st Century. A revolution is indeed necessary. And, sooner rather than later, as well. Stay Clear, Stay Strong, Stay Clean, Vote Green in 2016.


Think the problem is deeper & more fundamental than our corrupt tax code.

The New Natural Selection Tests
Natural selection tests have become more complex for many species. Genetic codes remain on the exam; human culture codes have been added. For example, elephant and dolphin survival are no longer merely a function of their biological genomes, but also a function of the human cultural genome, that is, of moral, legal, monetary and other coding structures.

If your culture's relationships with the sky and ocean are deadly, your cultural genome sucks.

Exponentially accelerating complexity has crushed the efficacy of monetary code as a unit of value.

We're in Anthropocene.
Part of that: Human cultural selection increasingly drives natural selection.
Part of that: We're increasingly doing natural selection with world culture's dominant code for relationship / reality interface: monetary code.

The Price Is Wrong


This news will only cause his supporters to embrace Trump harder than ever. There's a huge swath of Americans who would dearly like to not pay any taxes, who also hold onto the fallacy that one day they will be rich and definitely won't want their imaginary millions taxed. The media is not doing its job to educate and inform; only a social movement can put that lie to rest.

Trump wants to give the wealthy another tax break. How much more of a tax break can our government give to billionaires who already don't pay taxes, or pay only a pittance as compared to their fair share?


He is probably lying about being audited. He has yet to produce a form letter form the IRS saying that he is audited. The IRS cannot give out information about auditing. And even if it is true that he being audited that is no excuse. Hillary Clinton has made millions of dollars and has released tax returns over many years. Another question besides whether he has paid income taxes or not is whether Trump has given money to charity has he claims. The Clintons have given millions to charity but has Trump given anything? If he doesn't have to pay income taxes because of previous losses then he can't deduct charitable donations from his taxes. But if he really be worth $10 billion and not given any of it away to the less fortunate Is he that cheap? It appears he has used other people's money in his foundation to make it look like he gives to charity. The more you find out about Trump the worse it gets.


Stein? You mean you are weighing in in favor of Trump, effectively. Pitiful logic.


Are you one of those, "if you vote for Stein then Trump will win people?"


Because he's wrong? Vote your conscience, but be real about who you may be empowering.


Please go to, The Ralph Nader Radio Hour.Com, and search for Ralph's interview with David Cay Johnston April 3, 2016. In that interview Mr. Johnston explains in more detail, Trump's taxes. The interview is an eye-opener for sure, only done on The Ralph Nader Radio Hour.


Uh, I don't think it's "a false binary web." I think it's the election as it is now, at present. Vote for who you want, got no problem with that. Just as long as you recognize you may be contributing to a Trump win, which is why Trump is specifically encouraging Sanders supporters to vote as you plan to.


What Common Dreams and then NY Times miss is that this kind of behavior is normal for many very wealthy supporters of Hillary Clinton too.

What the NY Times does acknowledge, deep in the article, something CD misses: Tax avoidance will make Trump broadly popular with a large subset of the population.


Trump is a lunatic and a moron.
Hillary doesn't need to keep reminding people of those facts because she already knows that she's going to win this election. Which is why she took this weekend off. Again.
Trump's taxes, like every other thing Hillary brings up about Trump, is manufactured to divert voters attention away from the fact that Hillary doesn't like talking about the real issues. Wars in the Middle East, the destruction of the middle-class, and so on.

Michael Moore supports Hillary.
How can that be?
Glenn Beck misunderstands or is intentionally misrepresenting the message of Malcom X.
He would, wouldn't he?


And plenty of Hillary's friends play similar games with their taxes.


"Hillary could give us Trump.

Nader gave us Bush?

Hillary could give us Trump.

And would there be any difference?"


Well those other (unnamed by Giuliani) Trump investors are/were looking for similar tax dodges.

Wilbur Ross is likely one, his fund bailed Trump out in the early 1990s.


Same to you, but how does that make kc wrong? You're not being sold anything by kc.


There are many factors in any election. Nader was a factor in the election of Dubya.