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Bond Modification Sought After Alleged Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse Drinks Beer, Flashes White Power Sign With So-Called 'Proud Boys'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/14/bond-modification-sought-after-alleged-kenosha-killer-kyle-rittenhouse-drinks-beer


The only question is: how long til Kyle Rittenhouse gets his badge?

And I wonder how many policemen are sympathetic to the Proud Boys? Two policemen from Seattle were reported to be at the insurrection in D.C. on January 6th.


I don’t think this all gets resolved unless steps are taken.

  1. Make an effort to stop the lies that incense and enrage the crazies.
  2. That means stop right-wing media and news sources from spreading those lies.
  3. Push for advertisers to quit supporting the liars.
  4. Those that continue to support these right-wing liars and hate groups must be stringently boycotted.
    That all has to be done as a prerequisite.
    Then the challenge of un-brainwashing the people steeped in belief of all that lying has to be tackled.

This is self indicting evidence that he murdered his victims.


Recognize what police power is all about. Control by the elite against the rest of us. That’s why it’s unequal and why money talks and people walk.


And this:

SEATTLE (AP) — The president of Seattle’s rank and file police union says he will not step down, despite growing calls for his resignation after he blamed, in part, the “far left” and Black Lives Matter activists for the pro-Trump siege on the U.S. Capitol.

In a letter to Seattle Police Officers Guild members, Mike Solan expressed regret for commenting on national politics, but said his comments have been “spun intentionally for political reasons” to hurt the union and limit its influence, The Seattle Times reported.

Solan has been under pressure since after the Capitol attack when he tweeted “Far right and far left are responsible for that sad day.” He also approvingly retweeted a right-wing blogger who said “an extreme BLM activist” was among those in the pro-Trump mob.

The insurrectionist mob that showed up at the president’s behest and stormed the U.S. Capitol was overwhelmingly made up of longtime Trump supporters.

Eight of nine Seattle City Council members called for Solan’s resignation Monday. Mayor Jenny Durkan said he should retract his words and apologize or resign.

He has not.

Negotiations with the city over a new union contract are set to begin, and on Tuesday, Durkan said she thought Solan’s comments were “indefensible” and representative of “someone who is not willing to come to the table in good faith to listen to what we need to do on police reform.”



Enjoyed reading your post." He will not step down". No surprise!

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Police to protect and serve? Make that to protect the economic elite; to serve the economic elite!


I’ll be extremely surprised if this kid makes it to the age of 19.

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America has a long and well cocumented history of not only creating monsters like him, but sheltering and rewarding them at every opportunity.
Would not be surprised if he died of old age, fat, rich and happy. Like so many of America’s monsters.

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Touche Tarsus.

I suppose we’ll have to revisit this after he’s institutionalized. He seems to be a bit fragile for prison.

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When will his mother be held accountable for losing her son’s soul?


What, no pardon?