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Bonding Over Values, President Carter Admits He Voted for Sanders


Bonding Over Values, President Carter Admits He Voted for Sanders

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Human rights advocate and former President Jimmy Carter revealed Monday evening that in last year's Democratic primary he opted to buck the establishment and vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

During a conversation between the two at Carter's Atlanta-based peace and human rights organization, The Carter Center, the subject of corporate money in politics and low voter turnout spurred a campaign-style riff from Sanders.


The devaluation of the precision of language is the prime reason that Americans neither speak English or comprehend what science may be. They will watch porn on the internet all day while drinking distilled alcohol (especially that retired demographic) that consistently provides the same taste, but never once think about how either of those things happen.

But here we are highlighting the comment where one of our brightest presidents, (no saint, I get it) uses the y'all.
Perhaps in a bid to appeal to the masses that otherwise would not listen to two cogent words he has to say.


Maybe Sanders should differentiate himself from the loser (mainstream) Dems and announce that he is the candidate for the Democratic Independents Party. Not quite a third party as yet but not the regular Dems either.


They forgot Big Ag/Chemical industry who is killing us slowly thru bad food and destroying the soil. Soil is a big carbon eating entity but dead soil does not absorb carbon and our big ag producing food also kills the soil and leaves chemicals residue on our food.

On this site I read an article where healthy soil could prevent climate change by absorbing tons of carbon which is a natural occurring. But not when soil is dead.

Stop spewing round up on soil, lawns, garden et al.


Did you mean to say 'the devaluation of precise language...' - that would be using the language properly.

Y'all is a regional contraction of long usage in this country and a matter of pride to many users. It is recognized as such by linguists who refrain from delusions of intellectualism and superiority recognizing that its use is quite traditional.


I guess you are right.
the joke is on me :frowning:

"the devaluation of precision in language....."
was my intention.


It is intellectual and superior to accept a colloquialism in their clique.


Carter's remarks will likely make him more of a pariah to Democrat power brokers.

Rather than seeking to acknowledge, and end, their plutocrat friendly economics, anti-democratic practices, oppressive domestic policies (such as universal surveillance and prosecution of whistle blowers), and embrace of militarism, Democrat power brokers are moving farther to the right and attacking progressives.

Hope lies in grassroots community based organizing, not the Democrat power brokers and their undemocratic Party .


It seems like the conservative Dems are simply wannabe Repubs but there was no room left at the trough! Seriously it is like these people wanted to be elected but all the Repub spots were taken so they simply pretended to be Dems just to get into Gov't.


Wow. How much snobbish, priggish moralizing can you fit into one post?

Y'all is part of English. So is don't. So is won't. That's how language works. I've. We've. You're. I'm. They'll. They're. Let's. She'd.

Worry about your own use of language before bemoaning that of others.




That should be "Americans neither speak English NOR (not OR) comprehend what science (is?) better than "may be". 'Neither' goes with 'Nor' as 'Eithe'r goes with 'Or'.
Not to be too finicky, but it's just such a poorly written critique on proper English.


You too are correct, sir.


" The only time a politician gets in trouble in ( about ) Washington, D.C. is when he tells the truth ". Carter and Sanders are astute politicians; they were in Georgia, but Jimmy just got in trouble. His personal and policy disagreements with the Clintons are pretty well known, too. This one left a mark. It was perhaps meant for Bill, too. A 2 for 1.
Carter's endorsement of Hillary was partly partisan loyalty and a lot Presidental courtesy. He can read polls, as well.
Oh, the wild and crazy days of the 1970s. Those Democratic Party primary fights were " real humdingers ". Ya know, when all Democrats had heroes who were New or Better Dealers. And, nobody thought Ronald Reagan was an admirable character. So much has changed and only some things have endured and aged well. Sen. Sander's and Jimmy Carter's true belief in national values being part of those things that have, is reassuring.


Are you saying "intellectualism" (actually thinking about stuff) is inherently elitist and "intellectual" should only be used as a pejorative?


Thank you Jimmy Carter, and thank you Bernie Sanders, thanks to y'all for providing insight and perspective on how corrupt today's Democratic Party has become. I hope we can finally say Good Riddance to politicians with the name Clinton and the name Bush.


Bernie and Jimmy Rock! BERNIE & JIMMY ROCK BAYBEEEE!! And so does Jill Stein, Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein and Glenn Greenwald and Bill Moyers and you know the rest......! We the People will prevail!


Just a reminder: when all of the liberal values and policies are subsumed within and pretty much ignored by the D-Party, the mouthing of said values and policies by the likes of Sanders and Carter becomes a ridiculous sideshow.

And, while Sanders and Carter are free to view the D-party as the only refuge for liberals, they can't help but notice the mass exodus from their party, the vast string of electoral losses, and the growing number who vote to stay home rather than perpetuate the duopoly.

I used to wish them luck in reforming the party from within. Now I pity their delusions. And if you talk liberal values and vote D, your pragmatism is both hypocritical and contributing to the problem.


Not at all -
However the previous commenter may be winking towards exactly that.

I can go into the history of y'all - and how it may resulted in my comment, but my hurried expression and resulting errors have disappeared the point completely.


It's to compensate for the lack of a distinct second person plural pronoun in English (e.g. the German "ihr"). In other words, a quest for more precision.

BTW I comprehend science well enough to know what a "zero point field" is: a consequence of imprecision.